Steph’s BeeyoutifulSkin Makeup Story


steph and kids

Makeup is a rite of passage of sorts for many women. We grew up watching our moms apply it with a sense of wonder, amazed by the before and after transformation. It never seemed to quite work out that well for us when we attempted the same things though. With bright red cheeks and lipstick smeared mouths we wanted nothing more than to be beautiful. Just like our mamas.

Somewhere along the way, makeup would become more of a necessity than something to be desired as teenage skin with all it’s glorious blemishes made itself known. For some of us makeup would still feel pretty awkward to use. All the options, all the prices, all the brands, all competing for the real estate that is our face. Each one claiming to achieve better results than the next.

As a young women, I struggled with self esteem and had a difficult time accepting that I could be pretty. Makeup became my magic bullet for transforming what I felt was an ugly duckling into a more socially acceptable version of myself. I became a sales person for one of the biggest makeup companies in the nation. I believed that makeup was necessary for me to be attractive, and in order for me to look good it meant there needed to be parts of me hidden. Thick layers of makeup was my answer. When I put on my full war paint, chances were good you might not recognize me as the same person I was before the layers started going on. A good application for me meant only vestiges left of my natural self. Years flew by and I found myself married. One of the biggest adventures of our lives began shortly after we got married and we started a natural health supplement company. Red flags began to pop up for me as I became more educated and aware of the implications of what I put on my skin. Plus my husband seemed pretty convinced I was a beautiful woman and he disliked the essence of who I was vanishing behind piles of makeup. His validation gave me the confidence to be bold about celebrating my natural beauty by wearing less, but more carefully chosen, makeup. Also as a mom to two kids with exceedingly kissable, chubby cheeks I was worried about rubbing potentially toxic substances from my face to theirs, so it made sense that less was more.

As our reputation began to grow, different women began coming to me asking for a makeup recommendation. The truth was, I hadn’t found any at all I could, with a clear conscience, recommend. One of the biggest problems we ran into was the fact that every makeup company I researched,in hopes of being able to give a wholehearted endorsement, turned out not to be full disclosure in their labeling policies. Due to the way that labeling laws work there can be all sorts of ingredients used in cosmetics that are absolutely not required to be on the label. I needed a company I could trust, one that would be committed not only to full disclosure standards, but also believed in creating a makeup line that accents and celebrates women and who they are, from the inside out.

One of the core tenets my husband and I hold is that we desire in all that we do to treat others the way we would like to be treated. With that standard in mind BeeyoutifulSkin was created. What we’ve done is really pretty simple. It’s just minerals. And that’s all. No dyes, no fillers, no extras of anything. The variations of color are achieved when these minerals are baked at varying degrees of heat and then mixed and blended with care to create vibrant eye colors and precise foundation shades for a perfect match. One of the most surprising aspects of working with truly pure minerals was how long they last. I find myself saying all the time “A little goes a long way” and “You’ll be amazed at how little you need” and the women who use it frequently exclaim over how little is needed to accent and bring out their features, and even cover blemishes.steve and steph

It’s taken us months of hard work to be able to make this available. I am so very excited and grateful to be able to wholeheartedly endorse it and make it available to fellow purists who like me may have struggled for years trying to find cosmetics they could use or recommend with a clear conscience.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this catalog. In it you will find photos and descriptions of every single color we carry along with honest reviews of different women’s experiences in using these minerals and brushes. Speaking of brushes, they are a crucial part of the product line and make a world of difference in how well the makeup performs. These brushes are truly one of a kind and you have to feel the silky perfection to appreciate how incredible they are.

These days, thanks to BeeyoutifulSkin, I’m able to wear makeup and kiss my kids without even a twinge of guilt. It’s makeup pure and safe enough for even their young, sensitive skin. My husband doesn’t mind a big smooch now and again either. I never thought I’d hear him say he actually likes me wearing makeup after all of his years of complaining about my war paint, but BeeyoutifulSkin minerals won him over. I invite you to try it for yourself and please let me know if you have any questions.

Blessings to you and yours,

–Steph Tallent

Founder, BeeyoutifulSkin, LLC


  • I love that the brushes are made in the USA, but where is the makeup made? I bought some eye color and love it.


  • I am 40 years old and struggling with hormonal acne. I want a makeup that will help my skin not harm it. Will this makeup help me?


    • Although I cannot guarantee that it will help with your acne, we have had great reports of it helping clear up skin problems with several customers. At very least there are not fillers or additives, which typically cause the problems with skin irritation. We are a full disclosure company, so each ingredient that you see listed is what is in the products!


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