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Steph’s Letter Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Hello Friends!


I’m so thankful to be able to sit down and write this long overdue letter for this long overdue catalog. It started as a Spring catalog, then a Spring/Summer, and now it is officially our Fall/Winter edition. Seems like I often talk about how busy things have been over the past season or what new and exciting things are happening in our lives and in Beeyoutiful. This “season” of our lives is no different and even BUSIER than any other time I can remember.

This past January, some close friends gathered with us to celebrate the New Year. As the last minutes of 2010 ticked away, we took turns sharing the desires of our hearts for the coming year and the various things we were going to ask God to do in our lives. When it was Steve’s turn, he shared that he was asking God for a child this year. Those of you who read my blog know about the struggles Steve and I have had with multiple miscarriages and a couple of adoption opportunities that didn’t pan out. Little did we know the answer to Steve’s prayer would happen so soon!

In February, we were surprised to learn that we had another little one on the way—in me! Because my thyroiditis doesn’t make for good gestation, we researched and adjusted our supplementation, lifestyle, and diet to do all we could do to give this baby a chance at life. We also prayed a lot and were elated when we made it through the first trimester, the point at which we’ve experienced all of our past problems.

Steve and I treated ourselves to a sonogram for our sixth wedding anniversary in May and found out we’re expecting a baby boy. We’re still rejoicing and counting the days (the approximate days, anyway) until his arrival sometime around the end of October. This little guy’s timing has been pretty remarkable, and his official due date is his Daddy’s birthday. Wouldn’t that be cool! Whether he shows up on his due date or not, though, just the idea he’s targeting Steve’s birthday seems like another remarkable affirmation of that wonderful New Year’s Eve prayer.

Big-sister-to-be Noelle is beside herself with joy that we will be adding another child to our family. She’s going to be one of the most amazing (if perhaps a little bossy) older sisters ever. I’m really grateful for her kindness, care, and sensitivity to children younger than she. Her brother is going to be a very fortunate li’l guy to have Noelle to show him some of the basics of life.

In the midst of our baby news, we got an offer on our house, which has been listed for sale off and on for more than two years. We’re still waiting to see if the deal will actually go through, so our personal lives wait for the financing wheels to turn and the fate of our house and a potential move to be determined.

Meanwhile, we actually did move Beeyoutiful! Thanks to our new quarters, almost all of our staff work in the same building together. Office staff, customer service reps, the shipping department, and the Beeyoutiful storefront are all in one place on the Centerville, Tennessee town square. So if you’re ever passing through middle Tennessee, give us a call or e-mail, and come visit the store!

In addition to the big business move to Town Square, we took a particularly interesting business trip. I mentioned in our last newsletter that Beeyoutiful premiered its first exhibit booth at a Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Pennsylvania. Following that, we made a second appearance at the Health Freedom Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois. It was really great to meet some of our customers face to face in the exhibit halls and also get acquainted with other people interested in nutrition and a natural lifestyle. We hope to do more conferences in the coming year if we can squeeze them in between “big life” events like baby’s arrival and moving.

As I confessed at the beginning of this letter—and as many of you no doubt noticed all on your own—this edition of the Beeyoutiful catalog is late. Very late. Part of it is due to overly busy life, but part is due to our attempt to adjust the production schedule and adjust the management of it all. As I write this, I’m weeks behind the deadline for my letter submission, which has caused our harried catalog project manager no small amount of stress. So a big, public thank-you to her and everybody else who works so hard to get these out the door for everyone to enjoy! Especially because our whole publishing crew has to work over, under, and around such a distracted individual as I have been lately, the thank-you is even bigger and heartier than usual.

An aspect of the new and improved plan for publications is something I think most of you are going to like a lot. Our goal is to provide more educational content and less “catalog” data on products. Right now, we walk a tightrope on space, attempting to preserve sufficient room to list all of our products in an orderly fashion while keeping enough space available to provide the educational articles and resources you love. The end result is our “cata-zine.” With the new priority on educational and helpful content and the adjustment of the production system, we hope to give you a more enjoyable reading experience. We also plan to put together an additional piece that will be purely a catalog with products, descriptions, and pictures updated about once a year. Those of you without internet access or who still prefer to browse products in a hold-it-in-your-hand-full-color-glory printed form will have that available in addition to the twice yearly Beeyoutiful Living magazine.

A recent conversation reminded me of one of my jobs years ago as a customer service agent for a large cell phone company. In an instant, I had flashbacks of what it was like to try to provide service to one of the most frustrated, miserable, verbally abusive, and all-around difficult group of consumers imaginable. The memory made me cringe, and I was flooded with gratefulness for the wonderful people we’ve been blessed with in our Beeyoutiful customers.

You all have made it such a joy to for us to share our journey and experiences as we learn more about tools to live a healthier life and strive to share them with you in the form of educational resources as well as the products themselves. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank You! We truly value the relationships and friendships we’ve made through the years, and it is a special delight to know so many who have experienced healing from chronic health conditions and others who have successfully baby-stepped their way into healthier eating habits and fuller, more satisfied lives. May you continue learning to better care for your family’s health as you enjoy the offerings in this edition of Beeyoutiful Living.

Grace and Peace,

Steph Tallent


Winter 2011 Letter from Steph

2011 Winter Letter

By Stephanie Walker Tallent

Hello Everybody,Steph

It’s finally official: Winter is in full force here in Tennessee. It may arrive a little later than in Minnesota and Michigan, but temperatures in the teens and single digits are still cold wherever they hit. This is the only time of year I concede to wearing socks around the house. Even so, my feet still become blocks of ice according to my husband, Steve. He’s the resident expert on my foot temperature since he’s the one who finally manages to warm up said blocks of ice when we go to bed (one of the many fine uses for a husband—I really love that man!) It still baffles me how someone as effortlessly skinny as he is and someone as effortlessly chubby as I am can have such opposite body thermostats. I want a refund on my fat—the guaranteed extra insulation factor doesn’t seem to work at all.

If you’re life me, you’ve made it through the holidays with just a few dietary regrets under your belt (okay, maybe more than just a few—a lot?) Although I’ve successfully stuck to the gluten-free diet necessitated by my thyroid problem, I’ve fudged (literally) on the no-sugar-no-sweets-no-caffeine guidelines. I comforted my brief spurts of guilty conscience with “That’s what January and New Years Resolutions are for!” Although I’ve never been one to jump whole hog (so to speak) on the New Year’s weight loss or eat-healthier band wagon, I’m going to give it a try in 2011. It can’t hurt, and sticking to strict food rules in January will certainly be a lot easier without the temptations of holiday get-togethers lurking around every corner.

Speaking of the holidays, ours was wonderful. We decked out a Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree with miles of popcorn string and paper chains. Although my eyes prefer the aesthetics of white lights, the Doodles was enthralled with the liberal winding of colored lights we employed at Christmas. Family and friends came over to help decorate the tree and play what has become our traditional game of Dutch Blitz. If you’ve never played you should order a deck (some friends of ours sell it online at http://www.creativecountryliving.com ). Very family-friendly, group-friendly, and people of all ages can play.


Part of the post-holiday challenge for me is how long winter seems to drag on after the December festivities. I get an itch for spring about three weeks into January and emotionally done with all the miserable coldness and drab, dreary days. And nope, not even another cup of hot tea and a snuggle by the fireplace with fix it. This year, though, I have a battle plan. I’m going to combat my spring longings by attempting (yet again) to germinate some seeds indoors for an early spring garden. Also, our front porch is outfitted with hooks for hanging baskets (which I’ve yet to use in four years), and I shall attempt some hanging baskets of herbs. Hopefully my herbs-in-fern-baskets will do better than my poor herb garden of the past couple years. While I admit to some neglect (okay, a lot of neglect), my biggest problem has been the rogue mint plants that seem determined to take over the yard, starting with the herb garden. At least in baskets, the less aggressive herbs will have a fighting chance—and in baskets, the less aggressive herbs will have a fighting chance—and maybe they won’t over-bake like they did last year in my raised beds.

Other than hoping a few bright green seedlings tide me over till spring, I’m continuing to take lots of Vitamin D3. My health has stabilized appreciably since I started steady supplementation of this utterly marvelous vitamin. I can’t sing its praises enough. It’s especially crucial in the heart of winter when exposure to the sun is limited—whether by cloudy skies or heavy clothes that leave little skin to absorb sunlight and convert the rays into Vitamin D.

In Beeyoutiful news: We’re working to get Geranium, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils added to our line. We hope to have them available within a few weeks of this catalog arriving at your doorstep. To let you know exactly when, we’ll send e-mail notices to everyone who’s signed up for our monthly newsletter. So if you haven’t already signed up, now would be a good time! It’s the very best way to get all the latest Beeyoutiful news, to find out about sales, and to receive special coupons or offers. (Get your free newsletter subscription at www.Beeyoutiful.com.


I’m SUPER excited about Geranium Essential Oil. This oil is a gift to womankind—and because of the mood-soothing wonders it works, a gift to husbands, too, Steve is quick to add. If you’ve ever struggled with that “time of the month” we love to give Eve credit for—especially with moodiness or an extra sharp tongue—you need this oil! We’ll be posting some recipes on how to use it when we get it on our shelves, so keep a look-out. It’s been such a helpful little tool, Steve assures me that if I can’t convince women of the effectiveness of Geranium, he’d like to talk to you. He’s sure any married man will want this in the family’s arsenal of EWMS (Emergency Wife Management Supplies). We may have to let him write his own “for women only” article about this in the next catalog or newsletter.

Speaking of Steve and his excitement over certain products, we appreciate your overwhelming response to his special diffuser sale before Christmas. Many of you now have diffusers sitting in your homes that you might not have been able to afford otherwise. Look on page 25 through 28 of this catalog for oil blends to try. And, if you haven’t yet, consider getting the Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy on page 12 of this catalog. It’s an incredibly practical resource for anybody who wants to learn more about how to use essential oils. From down to earth cleaning recipes to what blend of oils to use for chicken pox to mixing your own perfume blend, this great book has it all. With more than 600 recipes, I have yet to exhaust the book as a resource after almost two years of using it at least every other week.


A highlight of our 2010 was attending the Weston A. Price Foundation Conference as a vendor. Held in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, the conference was Beeyoutiful’s first time to have an exhibitor table. It was exciting for Steve an dme to meet some of our long-time customers face to face and meet many new customers as well, and it was gratifying to hear stories firsthand of how some of our products have helped people. News like that is a resfreshing reminder of why we do what we do.

We’re planning to attend several more conferences in 2011 and will keep the www.facebook.com/beeyoutiful page updated with dates and locations so if any of you are close enough, you can stop by our exhibit. We would love to meet you!

Three of my favorite ladies in the whole world are the featured writers in this catalog, and I hope you enjoy and learn as much from them as I have. Please pay special attention to Nancy Webster’s contribution on gut health. If you’ve never recognized the connection between what goes on in the digestive tract and every other aspect of your health—including mental health!—her article may offer some of the most life-changing information you’ll discover this year.

I hope you’re staying warm and cozy and that you enjoy reading this issue of Beeyoutiful’s info-catalog.

Grace and Peace,

Steph Tallent


Letter from Steph – Summer 2010 Catalog


I feel as though our world has been turned upside down, shaken around, and plopped back upright since I wrote the letter for our Spring 2010 Catalog. I still feel a bit dizzy from the rapid sequence of events in our already eventful lives.

A few weeks after our Spring catalog went to press, my wonderful man left for a two week mission trip to Malawi. (For those of you who draw a blank when trying to figure out which continent Malawi belongs to, I’ll tell you so you can stop wondering.Malawi is located in Central Africa.)Bidding him good-bye was hard. Since we’ve been married, Steve and I have never been apart for more than a week. We’ve gotten used to the luxury of living and working together day in and day out. (Allow me to insert here that my respect and admiration for you military wives whose husbands are away for extended periods of time has reached new levels! God bless you and your families for the sacrifices you make.)

Before he left, Steve went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything was in good working order in the business and in our personal lives. Yet my main concern was for him. I’ll confess to having more than a few moments of anxiety over his safety. After all, Africa is very far away and offers some of the world’s scariest diseases, most dangerous animals, rugged terrain, and less-than-stable political climates. If anybody had told me we would end up having more adventures here in Tennessee than he did in Africa I would have laughed! But the joke would have been on me.

A few days after Steve left, I woke with a start one morning to the pale face of our basement tenant looking down at me. “The basement is flooding!” she said, and I bolted out of bed. For the next two days, friends and family helped battle the water pouring into our basement. Although I realized it had been raining—a lot!—I had no clue what a tsunami had poured from the sky on Tennessee’s corner of the world.flood 2

We worked night and day to keep the water low enough so it wouldn’t ruin sheetrock or mess with electrical wiring. Around day two, the blinders that had me so focused on my own water problems were blown away by the arrival of my soaking wet mother-in-law. She had been rescued from rising waters in her yard by caring neighbors who got her out before the water could trap her inside her house. It finally dawned on me that we were dealing with an actual flood (although I still didn’t appreciate the stunning proportions of the situation), not just a problem with our particular basement. One moral of this story could be that if your basement floods, it might be a good idea to check the news to find out if the rest of your area is having water problems as well!

As hours turned into days, our home ended up looking like a refugee camp. We had seven adults and our Noelle girl stranded at our house by floodwaters. My courageous brother, John, and his dually truck saved the day innumerable times, plowing through rising waters to obtain necessities.flood

One wet night in the basement, bailing water gave us something to do while we hid from tornadoes that also blasted our area during the flood. In an ironic twist, Noelle stayed dry in the bathtub, where she slept in a nest of pillows while the rest of us made do, propped on couches and waking periodically to do water patrol. The power went off that night and stayed off for five days and nights.

Then, once the rain stopped, the real flooding began as the run-off dumped into streams and rivers, raising them above the 500-year flood levels in many areas. Still, we made it to a local store and stocked up on necessities like candles, easy-to-prepare junk food (emergency rations, right?), and bottled water. Our city’s drinking water was contaminated for weeks since both the power plant and water purification plant were under water.

Although the laminate flooring in our basement was ruined, we count ourselves among the fortunate.In nearby Nashville, 44,000 homes were destroyed, and within just a mile or two of our house, many homes were 100 percent ruined by floodwaters. Roads washed away. And countless properties, fences, shops, and barns were decimated.

Living through a disaster big enough to earn the FEMA stamp of approval has been amazing. I’m incredibly grateful for the spirit of people in this part of Tennessee. Whereas many natural disasters are made worse by the horror stories of chaos, pillaging, gang rule, and out of control violence, nothing of the kind happened here. Neighbors helped neighbors. People risked their property and, in some instances, their own safety to save or aid others.flood 3

Selfless giving of time, resources, energy, and care was the rule of the day. Neighbors rotated the use of one generator a few hours at a time so all their food could be saved. Another drove his truck through deep water to help stranded friends. Someone else risked flooded roads to help stop water from pouring into the home of an elderly couple. A man brought extra ice to his neighbors just in case they could use it to save their refrigerated food. A lady with a flood-damaged home offered clothes to anyone who was worse off and lost everything. Two men whose own homes were under water offered to drive down a flooded road to find the missing grandmother of strangers.

And you: I want to thank customers who ordered during this trauma for your patience. We couldn’t ship orders in the timely manner that is always our goal because the main highway to our shipping facility developed a rather drastic pot-hole (more like a Grand Canyon wanna-be). As you can see in the photo on the _______, it could have swallowed two large trucks whole. Road crews repaired a less extensively damaged alternate route within a couple of days and our local staff gratefully made their way to work—where there was internet service, hot running water, and electricity. (Oh, those seemingly small things we are tempted to take for granted!)

To say we welcomed Steve’s return is an understatement as big as the flood itself. Noelle and I engulfed him and didn’t let go for most of the day. By contrast to our time in the wild world of Tennessee, he had a safe and comparatively laid back couple of weeks in Africa. One of the highlights for him was looking out the window of his hut to see an elephant munching about eight feet from his window.

Life here has been slowly returning to normal. More roads are being repaired so we can use regular routes again. But driving by condemned and abandoned homes is a stark reminder of how many people lost everything. Most did not have flood insurance (no one will insure against floods that “can’t happen”) and are dependent upon family and friends to rebuild their lives. Please pray for their long-term healing and recovery and that the still-acute needs of many will be met.

We’re thankful our shipping facility and products sustained no damage. And we’re especially grateful our friends and family members survived this disaster. We’re likewise thankful for customers and friends who have been so kind and caring through this entire experience.

And finally: A warm-weather catalog letter just wouldn’t be complete without an update on my garden. I’m thrilled to report that my early garden miraculously did not wash away in the flood. Those little plants must have dug their roots in and hung on tight because they all survived—every single one! An explosion of growth has resulted from the rain, and it looks like we just might have the best summer garden ever. Very thankful for that as well.garden

Enjoy your family this summer. Have fun in the sun and take advantage of as much natural, free vitamin D as you can! If you get a little hairshinewebover-toasted in the quest for D, remember that Miracle Salve and HairShine are sunburn healers. Spritz with HairShine, allow its cooling effect to begin, and then slather with Miracle Salve. After the Miracle has absorbed, spritz again liberally with HairShine. Continue alternating the two until the burn heals. Although we marshmallow people have suffered some pretty severe sunburns around here, peeling is a thing of the past and discomfort disappears almost immediately when we use these two products together.

Thank you for being part of our Beeyoutiful family!

Grace and Peace,

–Steph (Walker) Tallent


Winter 2010 Letter from Steph

Hello to all our Beeyoutiful friends!Steph

Another season change has arrived since our last catalog. Winter came nipping at the heels of Fall and took over-all too soon, in my opinion. The gorgeous leaves and vibrant colors are gone, leaving the bare limbs of trees reaching unadorned to the sky. Unlike some of you in other parts of the country, we rarely get snow around here so our winter months can be rather drab and colorless without a beautiful blanket of fluffy white. On the other hand, since we don’t have to deal with muddy slush and other snow-related complications, “drab” is not so bad when I stop to think about it.

Our lives seem to get busier with each passing month. Noelle is talking up a storm and has a strong opinion on just about everything. Her presence is a constant joy and humbling reminder of our shortcomings. One of her new favorite phrases is “I don’t wANt to!” in response to an instruction or request. It’s proving to be a tough lesson for her that life is filled with many things we don’t want to do but must do anyway. The difficult, the dirty, the mundane, and the frustrating are all part of life as well as the fun, exciting and enjoyable. Nevertheless, even though she is only two-and-a-half, Noelle’s learning to help with daily chores. She loves doing anything with water and has become quite the little dishwashing and rinsing marvel. This tops the list of her favorite household duties for which to volunteer. The floor is usually covered in water by the time she’s done, but she cheerfully helps clean it up, and I can count that as an impromptu mopping of the kitchen floor.Noelle

My wonderful husband and Beeyoutiful’s CEO, Steve, facilitated an incredible surprise for me and three ladies on our Beeyoutiful staff. As you may know, we sell the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. I’ve had a lot of respect for the work of Sally and the WAPF for several years now although I’ve never been able to become a member or attend any WAPF conferences. But in November, Steve surprised us with a trip to Chicago to attend the 2009 WAPF Conference. One of our most valuable take-aways is that we interviewed some of the vendors at the conference who are excellent resources for healthy foods with difficult-to-find quality and safety sources. The interviews are posted on YouTube under the username stephtallent. They can also be found in the Education forum: www.merryheartmedicine.com.

Looking ahead to the next few months: You’ll see various resources become available in several forms, one being articles from experts that participated in the conference.This month we feature an article from one of my favorite vendors: a delightful couple I dubbed “The Sprouted Grain Folks.” Co-owner of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. (www.organicsproutedflour.net), Peggy Sutton graciously agreed to write an article for our customers to teach them step-by-step how to sprout grains and prepare them for grinding. We also have a companion article written by my sister-in-law, Stephanie Kuvik-Tallent, sharing her story on soaking (un-sprouted) flour and also her step-by-step recipe with pictures. Articles like this get me excited and make me want to run to the kitchen and create something nutritious for my family!

Someone at the conference asked me who and what Beeyoutiful is as a company and why they should trust us. The question startled me because I frequently take for granted that our customers have a relationship with us and know the work and quality control that goes into each and every product we carry. I also assume people know they can trust us to always try to do the right thing, whether we succeed or not. I realize, though, that both of these assumptions are very wrong. We have new customers coming to our metaphorical doors all the time. Questions about quality control and why a company should be trusted are both trademarks of a wise consumer. I ask them myself before trusting the integrity of a new company or giving my hard earned dollars to purchase a new product.

So, Quality Control: How well is the quality of the manufacturing processes managed for Beeyoutiful products?

I could bombard you with a lot of nitty gritty manufacturing details but in a few paragraphs, your eyes would glaze over, and you would skip to more interesting parts of the catalog. So I’ll stick with the bottom line version.

For any of you who want some particular nit or grit detail that I don’t cover here, please, as always, feel free to write us. We are what the industry calls a “full disclosure company” (the rare breed that seems to be ever more endangered). That means if you ask us, we’ll tell you. It also means that each product label tells exactly what is in the product. The law allows that, if any ingredient is less than 1% of the whole of a product, a company is not required to report it in the nutritional facts. At Beeyoutiful, though, we know that for consumers this is a terrible thing. Sometimes even trace amounts of an ingredient make a difference. So in the spirit of doing unto others what we would like done unto us, we are committed to disclosing every single component of every single product, no matter how tiny the amount may be.

Our supplements are all made at facilities with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. GMP is a quality control check of every step of the manufacturing process. It ensures the final product is safe for consumption, is not contaminated, and that every unit is produced with consistent care. What’s more, our primary manufacturer goes above and beyond the basic GMP requirements. The company takes 11 random samples from each individual raw ingredient shipped to their facility and runs them through a mass spectrometer. If there is any trace of a pesticide, heavy metal, or any other harmful compound, the shipment is refused and not even allowed into the facility. The detection capabilities are so refined that in examining the raw materials, they can detect the equivalent of one grain of sand in a five-mile beach. This is significant because, even in certified organic shipments, they’ve found contaminants and refused to use the materials.

We also like to support home businesses. Most of our skincare products are made by cottage industries. We’ve found that large companies often cut corners to reduce expenses, and the quality of the products intended for external use suffers. It can also be difficult for large companies to consistently locate enough high quality ingredients. Small manufacturers, on the other hand, can usually buy raw herbs, beeswax, and other components locally and can personally check out the quality of the sources to ensure purity.

We’ve seen how several “natural” body product companies that we respected changed policies as they grew, letting in what we consider inferior ingredients once they had won the publics’ trust. This is something small, home-based manufacturers do not have the luxury of doing. They see their customers face to face at farmer’s markets and use their products on their own children, family, and friends. This provides a highly personal element of accountability that can be missing in large-scale skincare production.

A last comment on quality control but certainly not the least important: All of our products are manufactured in the US. While quality products can be found overseas, it’s much more difficult to personally check up on the consistency of quality controls. And it’s almost impossible to enforce any special requests. We would be at the mercy of the discretion and trustworthiness of local management, a situation complicated by the potential miscommunications due to language barriers.

Many people wonder how we go about adding products. Do we design them ourselves, or do we have a professional do it? How do we come up with the blends we carry?

Our goal is to make available the most affordable and highest quality products for families that we can. As we learn and expand the range of natural living products we use for ourselves, we try our best to make them available for our customers. Sometimes this means going to the manufacturer/designer of a particular product that we think is amazing and asking if they will allow us to private label it. Other times, this means we come up with the idea of a product and propose it to a formulator and manufacturer, having a custom product made just for us. A classic example is our Organic Red Raspberry leaf capsules.

We’ve always offered a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. If you order something and don’t like it for any reason at all, you can return it, and we will refund the full cost of the product (I would say “no questions asked” except that we do usually ask for the reason because feedback helps us learn how to improve our products in the future). Recently, though, we’ve increased the 30-day policy to a 60-day policy in order to give even more time for folks to try a product and decide if it is beneficial or not. It’s another way for us to underscore just how important your satisfaction is to us.

Finally, the most compelling assurance I can offer that we always strive to have the highest quality products is that we take these products ourselves on a daily basis and use them with our children and loved ones. Our personal best interest mandates that we  maintain the integrity of our products.

In a way, we hope that someday a company like Beeyoutiful will no longer be needed. The ideal would be for our society to offer genuinely nourishing, beneficial, and affordable foods as well as education for food preparation methods that deliver the nutrients needed to maintain good health.

In striving to learn for ourselves and pass this knowledge on to others, I recommend an amazing educational resource: the video documentary Food Inc. Request it at your local library, borrow it from a friend, or rent it. The education it provides as to why our nation has reached its current food and nutritional crisis is priceless.

I hope you enjoy this Winter Catalog. Snuggle up in front of a fire, or curl up under a blanket, get a hot cup of whatever beverage makes you happy, and enjoy! May you and your families be warm, well nourished, and healthy this winter.

As always, if there’s anything I can do to help or encourage you or your family, please write to me anytime at steph@beeyoutiful.com


Steph Tallent

Spring 2010 Letter from Stephanie

StephHello on a balmy spring day here in Middle Tennessee!

For those of you still caught in winter’s grip, I encourage you to be patient. Warm weather is truly on the way! The rest of you have already welcomed spring in its sunshiny glory and are soaking in the warmth. I’m relieved to have this winter behind us. The 2009-10 season has brought with it some of the toughest illnesses we’ve seen in years. Several people I know struggled with sickness in one form or another for most of the season. Steve and I have been more grateful than ever for the diversity and effectiveness of our health-supporting products.

Warm weather means I’m now out in the garden and excited about how luxurious our soil is looking after three years of effort! Snow peas are poking their vibrant green heads out of the dirt and already looking for something to climb. Lettuce and other seedlings are sprouting, looking healthy and robust. I keep close tabs because Noelle runs out to check on their progress several times a day. At least now that they’ve emerged from the ground I don’t have to worry about her digging them up to see if they are “Gwowing Mommy? Plants gwowing?” I love how involved she is in the process—even as a 3 year-old—and the joy it brings her.seeds

For the past few months, we’ve been on an exciting journey of pursuing a Home Study for Adoption, done through a non-profit organization. We hope to adopt an infant from here in the States—either a boy or a girl—later this year. The home study is almost complete and we’re excited to see what happens. Although the process has been more challenging than expected, we’ve come to appreciate the thoroughness of the agency’s measures and know it is for the protection of the children.We would appreciate prayers as our family will no doubt experience hope and excitement and, very possibly, disappointments as we await the outcome.

One requirement of the home study has been that our whole family has had medical check-ups. Between that and Steve having a tooth pulled, we’ve been in and out of doctors’ offices quite a bit more than usual. As a result, we’re more motivated than ever to take good care of our teeth and general health. Steve says, in particular, he wishes he’d been more careful with his teeth in his younger years. On pages 6 and 8 of this catalog we feature two great articles about dental care. One is written by my dear friend and regular catalog contributor, Nancy Webster, and discusses how to prevent tooth decay from the inside out. The other is written by my mother-in-law, Sharon Tallent, and the products she has discovered in her quest for oral health. Both are full of great resources and information.

We have several new products that I’m excited about. Our essential oil collection continues to grow. Every time a new oil is added to our collection, a whole new realm of possibilities opens for which to better care for our bodies and the environment.What I’m most excited about is that we now offer two carrier oils. Sweet Almond Oil—known for its ability to increase absorption through the skin to maximize the benefits of the essential oils—is a personal favorite of mine. Another great carrier is Jojoba, which is a light super-beneficial oil. I love Jojoba because it has the longest shelf life of all the most popular carrier oils. These two carriers make it easier to mix up and dilute blends of essential oils with an appropriate base. On page 10, we have a fantastic article by Mary Ewing. She shares her journey in learning to appreciate and use essential oils as well as some of her favorite recipes and usage ideas.

I always feel a very personal connection with the products we supply because so much care and attention to detail goes into each and every one. Like a mother with children, I know I’m not supposed to have favorites among our product line—because they all have their own unique benefits—but I can’t help myself. I do have favorites. And every so often a new product has me bursting with maternal pride and joy.My “newest favorite” is Katalyst, otherwise known as Vitamin K2. It joins the team with Dynamic Duo (Vitamin A and D3), announced in our last catalog. Research suggests that there is a beneficial synergy when vitamins A, D3, and K2 work together in the body. Ideally, people would obtain this uniquely beneficial triad of fat-soluble vitamins by eating nutrient-dense foods. A whole-food source is the most effective way to utilize and absorb these fantastic nutrients. However, many of us cannot afford the time or money to obtain and prepare the foods that possess these amazing nutrients. That’s why there’s Beeyoutiful.


We recently began carrying what we believe are high quality, food-based sources of this life-supporting trinity of vitamins, manufactured by the company called Green Pasture. The article on page 12 is about these vitamins and the innumerable ways they benefit the body. So with this in mind, We’ve also found lower cost alternative sources, in Katalyst and Dynamic Duo. They do a great job of filling the gap for families with a need for these nutrients but without the means to afford High Vitamin Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil in the quantities required. If Dynamic Duo and Katalyst are taken with meals high in good animal fats, we believe they are enormously beneficial. We plan to offer even more articles about these products in the future and share any additional research we come across as we learn more about them.

Before I close I need to add a housekeeping note. I’m always delighted to hear from our customers, yet a frustrating—but manageable—technological glitch occasionally gets in the way. Several of our customers who wrote recently had to send a second note to say they had never received a reply (although I had responded). I sent another e-mail and got even more frustrated e-mails back because they still didn’t receive my note. The problem, we discovered, is usually a customer’s spam protection. Every now and then we even have the same problem with our customer service e-mails. So: A way to troubleshoot when you think you haven’t received a response from Beeyoutiful is to check your spam box and spam settings. Many e-mail services automatically put e-mails originating from a company into a spam folder, assuming it is unwanted marketing information.My one disclaimer about our responding, though, is that sometimes it takes a couple of business days to catch up on our e-mails, so don’t go “dumpster diving” through your spam box if you haven’t heard back within a couple of hours.We do love communicating with our customers and will write back as soon as we’re able.

Thank you, as always, for supporting Beeyoutiful. We value our customers and deeply appreciate the opportunity to share products and resources that have so greatly impacted our lives. As always, if there’s anything I can do to help or encourage you and your family, feel free to write. And if, by chance, you don’t hear back within a week, dig through the spam box to see if my response is sitting there along with enhancement ads and notifications that a wealthy foreigner wants to bestow his copious life savings upon you.blossoms_2

I’m off to water the seedlings and start supper. Take a few minutes to enjoy the sun—and even the pollen-laden spring air. A swig of Berry Well and a couple capsules of Bee Strong or local bee pollen taken internally can help if you suffer from seasonal allergies. So throw open the windows and let the beautiful spring weather in for a few hours! Every house can benefit from a good airing-out.

Grace and Peace,

Stephanie Walker Tallent


Hello from Tennessee- Introductory Letter Fall 2009

Hello From Tennessee

by Stephanie Tallent


The witty, funny, and informative letter from my husband and Beeyoutiful’s CEO, Steve, usually graces the opening pages of our catalog, but as Beeyoutiful continues to grow, Steve’s responsibilities have been expanding along with it. So, due to the burgeoning load he carries, the honor and privilege of sharing with you something from our lives and work has passed to me.

As I write, I have a cup of hot tea by my side and a blanket around my shoulders. The laptop is gently warming my legs, which are propped comfortably on the couch. It’s late at night and Steve and Noelle, our two-year-old, are asleep. I’m soaking in a few rare moments of peace and solitude.

Although fall is barely upon us, temperatures have dropped just enough at night to let us know cold weather is around the corner. Hot tea is one of the little treats I try to enjoy once or twice a day in the midst of the business of our lives. Noelle also loves tea so herbal teas are perfect for our mommy and daughter tea times. They’re caffeine-free and beneficial to her growing body and immune system. Sometimes Noelle even helps me fix a cup and take it to Daddy in his office as a surprise. Herbal teas are becoming part of our little family’s tradition and culture.stevia

Page 4 of this catalog features a great article about herbal medicinal teas. With medicinal teas being a part of the backbone of our family’s medicine chest, I am especially grateful for the ease and convenience of individually bagged, high-quality herbal tea blends available from folks like Traditional Medicinals. We sweeten our herb teas with a bit of raw honey or with Beeyoutiful’s de-bittered liquid Stevia. Just a couple drops of Stevia is all it takes to gently enhance the flavor of a large mug of tea and the 1-ounce bottle lasts a surprisingly long time considering how much we use it around here.

This week, I reluctantly said goodbye to my summer garden. After a long season, it was time to rip the corn stalks, zucchini, squash, and pumpkin plants out and put them on my wanna-be compost pile. Still very much a novice gardener under some serious restraints- lack of space, not much money to spend on equipment and garden infrastructure, and a 50/50 natural mix of clay and rocks for soil- I routinely face a challenging garden situation. Nevertheless, for our family budget, I’m convinced that the best way for me to get the organic vegetables we need is to grow them ourselves.

Steve braces himself for the coming storm of work whenever I get that gardening-bug look on my face, babble about green houses, as well as soil, and weather conditions, and start pouring over heirloom seed catalogs. Alongside a country road near our house this past spring, we found an intact, abandoned roll of hay that had fallen off the back of someone’s truck. After waiting a couple of weeks to see if the owners would return to get it, we decided it was fair game and hauled the thing home. A $15 ancient tiller got a new lease on life thanks to the brilliant mechanical abilities of my brother. It wheezed out three small plots and churned a thick layer of hay into the top stratum of our rock/clay soil. After two years of doing my best with a measly compost pile and whatever natural, free resources are at hand (mostly leaves gathered from the woods and some grass clippings) I’m delighted to report that I have what can pass as a layer of topsoil. Instead of the pale, gray-toned clay we started with, the soil in snow a nutty brown color and in some places starting to look quite rich.

My summer garden this year had a few successes, some very disappointing failures, and a lovely surprise at the end. The cabbage became the favorite buffet of every worm and bug in the area and the creatures selfishly didn’t leave enough for us humans to enjoy. My tomatoes tried their best but were so poorly maintained (I can’t imagine whose fault that might have been?) they produced little more than some red garnish for a salad here and there. And I suspect the corn was offended over the soil I subjected it to. It grew barely more than three feet tall and produced such scrawny ears that they weren’t even worth the time to harvest.

The major disappointment of the year, though, came from what I thought would be my crowing achievement. In the plot I had set aside for zucchini, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, and cucumbers, a huge jungle grew, completely spilling over its assigned borders and tumbling down the hill through our yard. Pleased at first, I harvested and froze lots and lots of zucchini. Then disaster struck. My ne’er do well pumpkins cross-pollinated with every other plant in the vicinity. Instead of watermelons, we grew a bizarre, seedless hybrid that boasted of the juice and texture of a watermelon with a deceptive watermelon-ish exterior but the color and flavor of pumpkin. While I took solace in the few pumpkins that managed to develop into their intact pumpkin form, I had to banish to the compost pile every one of my weird but lovely amalagmations I dubbed Cantumpkins and Pumkimelons.

My experiment with heirloom Asian pole beans saved the season. Although, it too nearly ended in disaster when my rigged string support system collapsed, the beans themselves were so long they were almost the stuff of science fiction stories!

At Beeyoutiful, we’re always trying to add good products and make the catalog informative, but I’m particularly excited about this issue. Jessica Bischof, the author of a book to help people manage their thyroid and underlying issues, graciously agreed to write a series of articles for our customers. You’ll see from what she reports that millions of Americans have some degree of untreated or under-treated thyroid dysfunction. Even if you don’t have thyroid issues yourself, somebody close to you probably does. I’m starting my own journey towards thyroid and adrenal health and have been looking, not only for a safe thyroid supplement (see page 24), but also for a resource to help me understand health from top to bottom. Jessica’s article has helped me so much!

In an effort to communicate with you more effectively, we’re planning to start a monthly or bi-monthly e-mail newsletter. It will feature articles much like the catalog but also include coupon codes and featured products, as well as information about special package deals. If you want to receive the newsletter, please go to http://www.beeyoutiful.com/newsletter and enter your e-mail address. We promise never to spam your account or sell your e-mail address to anybody else.

The time has come for me to power-down my laptop, and myself, and join Steve and Noelle for some rest. May you and your families be blessed with peace and good health through the coming fall and winter months. Please contact us if there is any way we can help or encourage you and your family.

Until next time,

Steph (steph@beeyoutiful.com)