beeyoutiful team oct 2014

The Beeyoutiful team
Tal, Mary, Toni, Jeff, Steve, Steph, Sharon
October 2014

At Beeyoutiful.com, we believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own health. It is not a doctor’s responsibility to keep a person in good health. Instead, medical care is a tremendous resource, especially for those times when urgent care is required. Doctors are only one of many resources, and the tools they use, while powerful, are not the only tools available.

A tool is worthless unless one knows how to use it.We have found a lot a tools that have worked very well for our families, and we’ve built Beeyoutiful.com as a repository for those tools and the information needed to effectively use them. As we learn more, we share more. Our goal is to eventually carry every natural product that we use, but we’re not there yet and may never be, since we’re constantly being exposed to wonderful new products.

As much as is in our power, we want to aid others in obtaining and maintaining good health. While our catalog grows, we want to provide helpful information to your family so that you can take charge of your health and learn to use the right tools for the right job. Follow this blog for regular articles, interviews, recipes, and tips on how to take responsibility for your own health; we’ll be right beside you every step of the way.

You can meet each member of the team here. For more about our acquisition of MoreThanAlive.com, click here.



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