Feel the Breeze!

Feel the Breeze with Beeyoutiful's Essential Oil Diffuser

So many of our readers and customers use essential oils as part of a health-supporting strategy, and we’re excited to make our diffusers available more easily than ever before!

Using only cold air and no heat or water, the Breeze naturally atomizes the essential oils without damaging their molecular structures or powerful therapeutic properties. The Breeze delivery system emits a micro-fine vapor of pure and natural essential oils that permeates the air.feel the breeze

I’ve used this diffuser in my own home for about 18 months and appreciate that it’s sturdy, easy to use, and doesn’t have an open oil reservoir or delicate glass parts that can shatter easily. Even if the Breeze were knocked off a table, it would be hard for it to spill or break.

The Breeze is easy to clean, too. If you notice that the flow of vapor is slower than it used to be, or you’ve been using a lot of the stickier oils, you might need to wash out the atomizing nozzle.

After disconnecting the bottle and tubing from the atomizer, simply submerge the atomizer nozzle in either hot soapy water or rubbing alcohol for one hour. If any oil residue is left, run rubbing alcohol through the atomizer for 20-30 seconds to help loosen any remaining stickiness. (Your diffuser isn’t made for long-term dispersal of liquids, nor are your lungs intended to breathe atomized alcohol, so do this only for short periods just for cleaning!)

Sometimes folks ask how long a bottle of essential oil should last in their diffuser, but that’s a really hard question to answer. It all depends on which diffuser you’re using, the speed of the air flow, and the viscosity of the oil (some of the more resinous oils, such as frankincense, are “stickier” and might diffuse more slowly than thinner, more slippery oils such as eucalyptus).

I got curious about this myself and decided it was time for a little experiment. I put about a quarter inch of oil in the bottle of my Breeze (a couple droppers of Eucalyptus and about 10 or so drops each of Lemongrass and Bandito Blend).

Then I screwed on the nozzle, turned on the air flow to the lowest setting, and waited. It took 2 hours to use up that quarter-inch of oil. It could have gone much faster, if I’d increased the air flow, and if I’d used a gummier oil, it might have diffused more slowly, but now I have a rough gauge for how long to run my Breeze to disperse a certain amount of oil.

We’d love to know how you use essential oils in your home. What’s your favorite oil? (Mine’s Lemongrass.) Do you have a great-smelling “recipe” you like to diffuse? We’re using a lot of Cassia and Orange these days (it’s never too early for the scent of holiday spice!). Share your best essential oil tips with us! And if you learned something from this post, please mention it to your friends using the buttons below. Thanks!

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