How to Write a High-Quality Product Review (and earn $3!)

How to Write a High-Quality Product Review
When you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, or shopping for a product to meet a certain need, you might find yourself asking around your circle of friends so that you can get a trusted opinion about what might be the best option for you. You’re smart and savvy, and not eager to waste your time, energy, and money on something that’s unproven.How to Write a High-Quality Product Review
 You’re probably more likely to think seriously about something that was helpful to a person in a similar situation, and you might be less prone to try something that came with no recommendation at all. And if there’s something you just love that has worked well for you, don’t you find yourself eagerly sharing it with your friends to that they can enjoy it too?

That’s exactly why we provide a space for reviews on each of our products on our website. We want you to see exactly what other Beeyoutiful fans are saying before you make your purchase. If you’ve already tried something and love it, please share the benefit of your experience with other readers! Even if you didn’t enjoy that product, we’d still be glad to hear about it (and do our best to make it right for you).When you purchase a product from us and then post a review, we reward you with 300 Bee Points that you can redeem for a $3 discount on a future order. Just two approved reviews and you’ve already paid for the $6 shipping charge on your next order.While we love hearing from you in any case, there is a big difference between a high-quality review that is approved and awarded points, and a poor-quality one that isn’t approved. Here are a few examples.

Poor quality positive review:

“This is a great product! We love it! Thank you, Beeyoutiful!”

Poor quality negative review:

“We hated this, and won’t be buying it again.”

What makes that product so wonderful or terrible? Why do you love it or hate it? Which product are you reviewing? Be descriptive and help out other customers with a thorough, descriptive review of the products you’ve used.

High quality positive review:

“My 2 young children used to always have runny noses and sinus infections that seemed to last throughout the winter. Since we started using Berry Well, they rarely even have colds now, and if so, they are so minor and only last a day or two! The taste is fine – my 2 and 4 year old both say it’s spicy but take it with no problems, they even ask for it now when they start feeling not so good. I am so glad we found this!”

High quality negative review:

“LIKES: This product definitely works as an odor-preventer. I live in the Deep South where our summers are hot, humid, and long, and this product keeps me from getting stinky. Also love that it is completely non-toxic and handmade.

ISSUES: I can’t treat this product like conventional deodorants, i.e. swipe some on, throw on clothes, and be done. Coconut oil melts at just over 70 degrees, so this stick gets soft just sitting in my house in the summertime. Swiping it like regular deo applies way too much, even in cool weather, so it’s simpler to swipe my finger across the tube and apply it by hand. Then, RUB IT IN, then WAIT to dress (go brush your teeth or make your bed or something, then put on your clothes). If I just let it sit on my skin, because of the coconut oil and beeswax ingredients, it WILL leave a greasy residue on clothing as it gradually melts and mingles with sweat (sadly, some garments have not recovered). Rubbing it in and then waiting a few minutes to put on my clothes has made the difference between wanting to look for a different, non-messy product and being glad to continue to use this one.”

See the difference?

It’s not just about length (though our examples above are on the longer side). It’s more about quality and specificity.

How do you use the product? How does it make your life better? What results have you seen? Have you tried other products and keep coming back to Beeyoutiful? If you dislike a product, why? What would you say to a friend about this product? Give us some details, and we’ll gladly reward you with discounts! 🙂

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