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Makeup Monday, Inspired by Nature: Peachy Keen!

#MakeupMonday: Peachy Keen! From

Is there anything that says “summer” like fresh, juicy peaches? To me, they are the quintessential taste of the season. I thought it would be fun to put together a makeup look that mimics the color of sweet peaches: soft, light, and fresh.

#MakeupMonday: Peachy Keen! From Beeyoutifulskin.comYou will need:

We’re going to start with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin, then apply your foundation as you usually do, and fill your brows.

Now, grab Peachy Cream and stamp it on underneath your brow bone using the Small All-Over Brush, extending it into the inner corners as well.

Next, we’re going to use Peaches & Cream blush as our lid color. (The awesome thing about our makeup is that because each color is made up of only minerals, they can actually be used interchangeably as blush, eyeshadow, or lip color!) Use the Small All-Over brush to apply Peaches & Cream to the lid.

Define your crease with Cinnamon Rose, using the Angled Sculpting Brush, and use the Eyeliner brush and Chubby Blender to finish off your eyes with Rich Earth, and then add a coat of your favorite mascara.

For your face, use Peachy Bronzer and the Small Kabuki Brush along the hairline, temples, hollows of the cheeks, and under the jawline, blending well to give you that warm, sun-kissed glow.

Then we’re going to mix it up a bit again by using Apricot Shimmer Eyeshadow as the blush on the apples of your cheeks, and Sandstone Cream on the lips to add just the right amount of soft, peachy color. (Or try Kiss of Coral Lip Shimmer for a soft, nude look.)

Now hop on a plane and fly to Georgia, you peach!

Makeup Monday: Bronze Beauty

#MakeupMonday: Bronze Beauty from

I don’t know about you, but I love a warm, bronzey glow to my skin in the summertime. But I don’t always have the time or desire to sit in the sun to get said summery glow.

Enter bronzer! With bronzer, without even leaving your house you can transform pale skin into warm, sun-kissed skin that looks like you spent the weekend at the beach!

Top it off with golden-bronze eyes and you have a full-face look that is both gorgeous and laid-back… which is pretty much the definition of “summer” in my book.

#MakeupMonday: Bronze Beauty from BeeyoutifulSkin.comYou will need:

First, let’s start with the face. Always cleanse and moisturize before starting your makeup routine; it will create a smooth, clean “blank canvas” upon which your makeup will really shine. Apply your foundation to your clean, dry skin as you usually would.

Now for the fun! Grab your bronzer and swirl your foundation brush in it, being sure to tap off any extra. Start at your forehead and sweep the color underneath your hairline and around to your temples. Then hit the bridge of your nose and your chin. Swirl some color underneath your cheekbones and jawline to create some contouring as well.

Now hit the apples of your cheeks with Warm Rose blush, and the tops of your cheekbones with a dab of Champagne Pearl to highlight them and add some glowy shine.

For the eyes, highlight your brow bone and inner eye corners with Champagne Pearl using the Large All-Over Brush, then take Twinkle Wood on the Small All-Over Brush on your lids from the crease to the lash line. Deepen your crease with Harvest Oak using the Angled Sculptor Brush.

Now, using the Smudger Brush, mirror that same pattern underneath your lower lash line. First use Twinkle Wood to about 3/4 of the way in to your inner corner, then Harvest Oak from your outer corner to about 1/3 of the way to the center. For an extra pop of shimmer, add a dab of Pure Gold right in the center of your lids (where your pupil would be if your eyes were open) and on the inner corners, using the Small All-Over Brush. Use the Eye Liner Brush to finish it all off with a soft line of Deep Brown and a coat of mascara.

Mist your whole face with Laveshmint Hydrating Toner to settle the minerals on your skin, and to give a dewy finish. And bonus: it’s cooling and fresh! I like to carry the bottle around with me for a spritz of cool moisture during the hot summer days.

Use our Kiss Of Coral Lip Shimmer to keep your lip tone warm and natural with this sunny look!

Makeup Monday: Rosanna Answers Reader Questions

BeeyoutifulSkin Questions and Answers

BeeyoutifulSkin Questions and AnswersEvery now and then we’ll get a question from a BeeyoutifulSkin makeup user about how to better use our products. While we love to answer these questions directly via email, we thought that several of you might have the same questions, so every now and then we’ll compile your questions and do a Q&A post… and a video, because I think visual examples are super helpful, wouldn’t you agree?

So without further ado, let’s jump right in and answer some questions!

  • Q: I’m looking for a safe, preservative-free, lead-free lipstick. You carry Lip Shimmers, which I love for everyday use, but they are lighter than what I’d like for special occasions.
    • A: We are currently working on formulating richly-pigmented lipsticks! But in the meantime, did you know that you can use any of our blushes or pink eyeshadows as lipsticks? Just apply some BALM, then using a small, flat brush (like our Small All-Over Brush) dab a bit of your desired color (try Matte Pink for a soft, neutral pink) onto your lips, and mix it with the balm to create a lipstick-like color right on your lips. You can vary the intensity of the color easily by adding more or less powder as desired. You can even combine colors to get your own custom shade!
  • Q: How do I get better coverage with the foundation as a concealer for covering blemishes and dark spots?
    • A: The most effective approach to covering a specific spot on otherwise clear skin is to 1) layer the product, and 2) use several techniques. First, on freshly cleansed & moisturized skin, apply an extra dab of moisturizer on the area where you need heavier coverage. Then, using a small brush (our Small All-Over Brush is perfect!), grab up some dry foundation and stamp it directly on the spot. Now apply your foundation as you normally would, using either our Dry Buff, Airbrushed, or Liquid Foundation techniques. If you find that you still need additional coverage (or as a touch-up throughout the day), dab a bit more dry foundation directly on the spot. I find that layering like this gives not only heaver coverage, but also increases the staying power of the foundation.
  • Q: How can I  get my makeup to last longer in heat/humidity?
    • A: Heat and humidity are the enemy of beauty queens the world over! It’s currently in the 100º+ temps where I live, so I feel your pain! When it’s super hot like this, I tend toward as little makeup as possible (check out our No-Makeup Makeup Look tutorial!) both for comfort and so I don’t end up with eyeliner on my cheeks, for example. That said, to help your makeup “beat the heat”, it really helps to apply it on freshly cleansed skin, and if you don’t have dry skin, it might also help to forgo your moisturizer altogether. I primarily use the Dry Buff Method to apply my foundation in the summer, as the dry minerals naturally absorb the oils in the skin, creating a bond that will help it last longer than it would if applied with moisture.
  • Q: If I cannot find a good match for my makeup; can I just mix two colors?
    • I think mixing two makeup colors is a great idea to get your perfect, custom match! I do this frequently at the changing of the seasons; in the spring and early summer I add a bit of my “summer color” to my “winter color” as my skin deepens with sun exposure, and I do the reverse in the Fall as my skin lightens back to my lighter winter color. If, after trying our foundation samples, you find that you fall in between colors, you may choose to purchase one of each and mix up a batch of your own custom color that will last you a while so you don’t have to mix it up every time you want to wear it. Another idea is to use just a bit of your bronzer to deepen your foundation, or, if you have *very* fair skin, you could add a bit of our Matte White Base to lighten your foundation and get a more exact match for your skin tone.
  • Q: How often should I clean my makeup brushes? With what? 
    • A: I always wipe my brushes off on a clean cloth between colors, or when I’m done applying makeup for the day. To deep clean, I wash my brushes every week or so using a mild, clear shampoo. Fill a cup with warm water and a pea-sized amount of shampoo, put your brushes in head-down and swirl around. Let soak for 30 minutes or so. Then take each one out and swirl around in your hand individually with warm water and a dab more shampoo. Rinse with *bristles pointing down* until the water runs clear. Squeeze gently and lay on a towel to dry overnight. Ta-da… clean brushes!
What’s your question about using BeeyoutifulSkin makeup? Add it to the comments here, send to, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram… we’ll always answer your question personally, and maybe even feature it in an upcoming post too!

The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumer

BeeyoutifulSkin pure mineral makeup powders

One of the first things we learn to do on the journey to becoming better informed consumers and making better choices is to simply read a product’s label. We’ve become accustomed to reading the ingredients, knowing that the claims plastered across the front of supposed healthy products may be way off base when they are stacked against the actual list of what’s inside. I have become a label reading machine over the past few years, both of food labels and skincare products intended for external use.

But I’ve learned over the past ten years as a business owner in the nutritional supplement industry that simple label reading is not enough. All a label tells me is what the company decided to put on that label, and isn’t necessarily a full explanation of what is actually in the product I’m considering.

From The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumerIS FULL DISCLOSURE REALLY SO UNUSUAL?

My husband Steve is a big fan of hot sauce, the hotter the better! He loves anything and everything that comes with a generous side of heat. When we learned that many hot sauce manufacturers add MSG to their products, we began to read labels carefully before we bought so that we could avoid that common additive.

On one grocery shopping trip, Steve excitedly pointed out the ingredient listing on a popular brand of hot sauce. “This one doesn’t say anything about MSG or natural flavors or anything else! It’s just got the basic simple ingredients!” He delightedly piled a few bottles into the cart and we brought them home, happy to have found a natural option for him.

Delighted with our discovery, we happily passed the news along to friends about this “clean ingredient hot sauce.” We mentioned it to a friend who had significantly more food sensitivities to contend with than we did, and who was also a more experienced veteran of seeking out healthy food options. She contacted the hot sauce manufacturer directly to ask if there were any other “unlisted” ingredients, and explained that she needed to know due to certain food sensitivities in her family.

The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumerThe company replied to our friend that they would require a note from her doctor before they would tell her what other ingredients were in their hot sauce! Steve sadly resigned himself to never buying another bottle of their product, since the company refused to offer even a basic level of transparency to their customers.

This is just one of many examples that we have run into through the years as consumers ourselves, and why we are committed to providing a different experience for our Beeyoutiful friends.

Many companies reveal only the largest quantities of ingredients, while glossing over those ingredients that make up a tiny fraction (usually 2% or less) of the total product. But what if, like our friend, you have a food sensitivity and need to avoid one of those sneaky ingredients, even in minuscule amounts?

We’re committed to telling you exactly what’s in our foods, supplements, and skin care in even the smallest concentrations so that you can make the best decision based on complete information.


The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumerA monumental undertaking for our company happened just a few years ago, inspired by one of our all-time favorite product formulators. She approached us with the idea of launching a full-disclosure, all-natural, safe line of cosmetics.

In my ignorance, I flatly turned her down. We do nutritional supplements and healing-focused skin care, I thought. Why on earth would I want to enter the ridiculously competitive world of makeup? She persisted, though, and I decided to spend a few days digging into my friend’s concerns about makeup.

I was stunned to discover how naïve I had been. I’ve been a consumer of makeup since my teens, and my faith in both the safety and ethics of most cosmetics was absolutely destroyed.

Shocking Non-Disclosure

The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumerYou may be as disturbed as I was to know that most skincare and cosmetic companies not only do not support full disclosure of product ingredients, but actually have policies that actively work against disclosure. The FDA does not have authority to approve or disapprove the labeling of cosmetic products before they are placed on the market. It’s up to the manufacturer and/or distributor to ensure their products are labeled appropriately.

This means that, unless someone blows the whistle for mislabeling in a big enough way to attract the FDA’s attention, many companies will go for years without their products being tested and reviewed. The small amount of accountability offered by the FDA for cosmetics is loose and randomly enforced, at best.

I can’t find the words to describe how disturbing it was for me to learn that some of these protected ingredients, used by almost every cosmetic company out there, can contain cells from placentas, tissue from circumcisions, and, most sickening of all to me, cloned cells from aborted babies. These components are used in everything from makeup, creams, toners, and moisturizers to body washes and shampoos. They tend to show up the most in products advertised as “anti-aging,” prized by the industry because of their skin-healing, regenerative properties. All those things we appreciate and marvel at in a baby’s beautiful skin make these ingredients valuable to this industry. 

The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumerDisclosing Beeyoutiful’s Disclosure

By now, you can probably guess Beeyoutiful’s practice regarding full disclosure. It is my absolute joy and pleasure to introduce makeup that is made from nothing but minerals—minerals that are tested to avoid cross-contamination with heavy metals and certified to be heavy metal free. We include no fillers, not even “natural” ones. You’ll find each and every ingredient listed on each and every one of our labels, no matter how small the quantity.


We’ve adopted a few simple policies for ourselves as consumers and encourage you to do the same.

1) Ask any company you do business with if they are a full disclosure company. If they don’t know what that means, clarify it for them. Simply ask, “Is each and every ingredient used in your formulations included on your label? If not, would you be willing to send me a complete ingredient list so I can make an informed decision about your product?” If they keep ingredient information secret due to either policy or proprietary formulations, then you know for sure that you are not dealing with a full disclosure company.

2) If there’s a company that you like that doesn’t have a full disclosure policy, make sure to communicate with them clearly that you will not be able to purchase from them until their policies change. Smart companies listen to their customers, and if honest labeling is what customers want and continually request, then they will be far more willing to adopt better labeling policies and earn your business back.

3) Support companies that respect your rights as a consumer and enable you to make informed decisions about what is in the products that you buy. Let them know that you appreciate this about them; they value your positive feedback tremendously! And share these wonderful product options with your friends.

The truth that shocked me into becoming an informed cosmetics consumerWe are grateful for each and every Beeyoutiful friend that crosses our path, and we’re excited to be part of the grassroots activism and positive changes happening across the nation. The more consumers demand to be respected and fully informed, the more likely companies will be to accommodate, making the marketplace safer and happier for everyone.

We have had a lot of fun working with makeup that is, quite literally, made up by nature. But we haven’t stopped with absolute authenticity and full disclosure in the purity of the makeup: we also have a “No Photoshop” policy. The amazing women who have graciously paused from their regular lives to give our makeup the face it needs in our catalog, website, and user-friendly tutorial videos deserve to be presented to the world in their own glory. Whether our BeeyoutifulSkin models are aging with graceful beauty or still abloom with youthful glow, we love celebrating who they are from the inside out!

BeeyoutifulSkin Mineral Makeup was created by women, for women. Our wonderful BeeyoutifulSkin staff ladies work hard to create helpful information and user-friendly tips to make natural makeup as easy as possible to use. Whether you’re a casual dabbler or someone who loves to indulge in glamorous looks, we have the tools and colors for you!

Click here to join our blog community and see a new makeup tip every Monday from Rosanna, our very own makeup artist. And we’d love to send you a free full-color BeeyoutifulSkin makeup catalog. Shop our samples and find your perfect match here.

Wishing you truth and beauty,

Steph Tallent

Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products?

Are these 5 common toxic ingredients found in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products?

Ambiguous labeling of cosmetics and skincare products in the United States creates a big problem for consumers. It’s an issue for those of us who want to not only know what is going on our skin (and thus into our bodies), but who also want to avoid known carcinogenic or otherwise harmful ingredients.

Because of loose labeling standards, companies aren’t legally required to disclose all of the ingredients used in their products. To further complicate things, words such as “natural” can be used by anyone for anything. Even “organic” can be misleading, and broad swaths of the skincare and cosmetics industry have taken an “innocent until proven guilty” approach to terminology and disclosure of ingredients.
Very few companies are committed to full disclosure, and sometimes even the limited ingredients that actually are listed on the label are disturbing enough to give a consumer pause about the substantial health risks they might pose.Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products?

There are five toxic ingredients that are very commonly found in skincare and cosmetic products. Some of them have even been banned in other countries, but are still in use in the US. Do you know what these ingredients are, and if you’re putting them on your skin?

Grab your current skincare products and carefully review the ingredients to make sure none of these toxins are lurking.Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products?

1. Synthetic colors sourced from coal tar

These are known carcinogens banned in the EU, but still used in many products here in the US. You’ll find them listed as a color plus number (for example: FD&C Red No. 6). They’re used in many skin care products, but especially dandruff shampoos and treatments for dry skin. In cosmetics, synthetic or artificial colors or dyes are used to make a desired shade cheaply, but the long term safety of adding these colors to products used on a daily basis is questionable.

There are currently seven dyes allowed by the FDA, despite the health concerns inherent in their use. Those against the use of such colors state that they are “that they are toxic, carcinogens and contributors to ADHD.”

Nature has provided so many safe, non-toxic answers for these artificial colors. Look for products without added colorings, or with colorings from plant sources. Consider personal care products whose ingredients you know are fully disclosed, even the ones used in tiny amounts!

Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products? 2. Sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate (SLS, SLES)ARE THESE 5 COMMON TOXIC INGREDIENTS FOUND IN YOUR COSMETICS AND SKIN CARE PRODUCTS?

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is highly irritating and can produce a range of undesirable side effects ranging from severe allergic reactions to milder reactions such as dry and itchy skin that necessitates the overuse of moisturizing products. SLS is used as an emulsifier and detergent agent in cosmetics, toothpastes, and pharmaceuticals. It’s frequently referred to on labels by several other common names; click here to familiarize yourself with all of them.

With a little research, it’s easy to find SLS-free products these days. If you discovered SLS (or any of its other versions) in your skincare cabinet, take a few moments to seek out alternatives.

Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products? 3. Formaldehyde

This is another ingredient that has been banned from use in the EU. Listed by the FDA as a known carcinogen and severe irritant, formaldehyde can be found in nail polishes, nail hardeners, eyelash glues, hair gels, soaps, makeup, shampoos, lotions, and deodorants, among other products.

In a survey of the FDA’s voluntary cosmetic disclosure database several years ago, it was found that 20% of the products on the market in the US contain formaldehyde in varying amounts. While there is a great deal of debate over just how much formaldehyde is TOO much, it is wise for consumers to factor in not just the exposure in the amount per use, but the cumulative effect over years of weekly or daily use of multiple products.

Building a relationship with companies like Beeyoutiful who refuse to use formaldehyde in any of their cosmetics is an easy step to ensure you won’t find yourself exposed on a regular basis to this highly toxic compound.

Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products?4. Lead (and other heavy metals)ARE THESE 5 COMMON TOXIC INGREDIENTS FOUND IN YOUR COSMETICS AND SKIN CARE PRODUCTS?

Another known carcinogen, lead is found in disturbingly high quantities in lipstick and hair dyes. You won’t find this toxin listed on a label, though, because it’s not an added ingredient but rather a contaminant allowed through by poor quality control. Even some “natural” mineral makeup products can have heavy metal contamination.

The FDA insists that the amount of lead found in US lipsticks is perfectly acceptable, but many consumer safety advocates vehemently disagree. They point out that what goes on the lips is also consumed internally, and with multiple applications per day, exposure can add up to quantities that can realistically pose a health risk, especially to individuals who struggle with detoxing heavy metals.

Ask your cosmetics company if per-batch heavy metal testing is done on their makeup so that the end product is safe from such toxins.

Want a heavy metal-free way to get gorgeous, kissable color on your lips? Click here for quick and easy tutorials on how to transform pure minerals into a luscious lip color in just a couple of seconds.

Are these 5 common toxic ingredients lurking in YOUR cosmetics and skin care products?5. Phthalate-based synthetic fragrances

More and more individuals are becoming hyper-sensitized to synthetic fragrances to the point that even going out in public can pose a health hazard. One whiff of the wrong perfume or body spray from a passerby and crippling headaches, asthma attacks, or other serious symptoms can attack immediately.

Even for those who do not have immediate visible adverse reactions, synthetic fragrances have been shown to interfere with the immune system. These chemicals are considered potential neurotoxins and can be found in measurable amounts in the blood of frequent fragrance wearers.

Some fragrance chemicals are known as DBP (di-n-butyl phthalate), DEP (diethyl phthalate), DEHP (di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate or bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate), BzBP (benzylbutyl phthalate), and DMP (dimethyl phthalate), although you will rarely (never?) see any of those names appear on a label.

Most of us now come in contact with phthalates on such a frequent basis that our babies are even being exposed to them in utero. Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors, and this heavy exposure load is bad news for hormonal health. Anything we can do to lower our exposure on both the food and skincare fronts will help to reduce overall toxicity, so avoiding synthetic fragrances in our perfumes, soaps, detergents, and household cleaners is a great strategy.


Be careful about the products you put on your skin! The best thing we consumers can do is to seek out companies who are 100% committed to full disclosure in all labeling, and who refuse to take advantage of labeling loopholes available under the current regulations.

Beeyoutiful is dedicated to NEVER using synthetic colors, SLS, formaldehyde, and phthalates of any kind in our products, and we do per-batch testing for heavy metals in our mineral makeups to make sure they are pure and safe.

I’m a busy mom to three small children, and the task of reading labels, researching chemicals, and other scary ingredients can be overwhelming and sometimes even feel like it’s a losing battle. But, I’ve learned that baby steps towards better choices can be a lot less overwhelming than attempting to overhaul every aspect of life from top to bottom. Having the support and encouragement of a loving community of individuals along the way instead of going it alone also makes an enormous difference.

Our Beeyoutiful families have been on their personal journeys for years towards better health, better choices, and responsibly created products and are always willing to share resources and encouragement from our experiences. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Together, we can not only make better choices for ourselves and our families, but also create a better world for our children.

Wishing you health and peace,

Steph Tallent

Makeup Monday, Inspired by Nature: Ocean Eyes

#MakeupMonday, Inspired by Nature: Ocean Eyes

Water… sparkly turquoise, deep navy, alluring azure, even shades of blue-gray and greens. These are all cool, summery colors that evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility.

But when it comes to makeup? I don’t know about you, but when I think of blue eyeshadow, I usually think Mimi or chalky 1960’s. Not exactly the most flattering or chic looks out there, no doubt.

But bright blue eyeshadow can actually be done in a very modern, fresh, and non-cartoonish way. The key is to pair it with sophisticated neutrals, allowing the blue to be a “pop” of color set against a background of mellow grays or browns.

I love the way blues play off of browns, so I’m going to base today’s look on bronze and turquoise… like driftwood on a Caribbean sea.#MakeupMonday, Inspired by Nature: Ocean Eyes

You’ll need:

Start off with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin; your makeup will go on smoother and last longer!

We’re going to start off by building our “backdrop” for the lovely blue… grab your Champagne Pearl shadow and the small all-over brush, and stamp that color up underneath your brows. Take Silver Snow Base and dab it into your inner corners, and extend it just a little on your lower lash line, brightening up your inner corners and creating contrast for the colors to come.

Next, using the same brush (wipe it off on a clean towel between colors!), grab up some Chestnut Brown, and stamp it across your lids, from crease to lash line. Deepen your crease with Twinkle Wood eyeshadow applied with the Angled Crease Brush.

Using the small all-over brush, dip just the end (not the flat part- stand it on end) into the Twinkle Wood and follow your lower lash line to about 1/4 of the way in to your inner corner, creating a soft bronzey glow under your eye.

Now that you have your lovely backdrop, let’s add the fun! Grab your (clean!) Small All-Over Brush and dip the tip of it into your Maui Blue and start dabbing it on the outer corner of your crease, working inward. Blend well, adding more blue as you go.  Continue the blue around the corner and under your lower lash line as well, meeting up where you left off with Silver Snow Base.

Set it all off with a line of Deep Brown, either dry and smoky, or wet and dramatic. Pair with a light, clear blush and natural lips. Don’t forget to contour and highlight for a beachy glow!

Now go hit the Maui waves! Or at least grab a cold drink and pretend you can hear the seagulls…

Makeup Monday, Inspired by Nature: Lovely Lilac Eyes

#MakeupMonday: lovely lilac eyes tutorial from

There’s really no flower that says “spring” quite like the lilac, is there? These pretty pale purple blooms usher in the season change with their abundant blossoms, and can fill a room with their lush fragrance. I get all giddy inside when the first buds appear on the lilac bushes around town because I know that soon the very air will be awash in the essence of Spring.

I’ve always loved wearing purples on my eyes; they particularly complement brown eyes and can look exotic and daring. But lilacs are more on the “sweet” side, and this soft, springy, light eye look is perfect even into the summer. Wear this look with a fancy dress for a summer wedding, or dash it on quickly with your favorite cutoffs; you’ll look cool and pulled-together. #MakeupMonday: lovely lilac eyes tutorial from

Products needed:

Start off with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin. Next, using your Small All-Over Eyeshadow Brush, stamp Champagne Pearl eyeshadow from your brow bone to your lash line. Then grab your Angled Crease Brush and Misty Purple eyeshadow, and lightly add some definition to your crease area, staying a smidgen higher than the actual crease line. Keep the color very light, just enough to deepen your crease and set the stage for the Violet Dewdrop eyeshadow.

Speaking of which, now’s the time to add that Violet Dewdrop! Wipe your Angled Crease Brush on a fresh paper towel to clean it, then lightly apply the lilac color in your crease and slightly below, just underneath and slightly overlapping the Misty Purple.

Now take your Small All-Over Eyeshadow Brush again, and dip it point-down into the Misty Purple. Apply this right underneath your lower lash line, starting at the outer corner and getting fainter as you work your way inward toward your nose. You’ll want to fade it off completely about half-way in. Repeat the same action with Violet Dewdrop, applying it from about one-third from your outer corner, and continuing into your inner corner.

To accentuate and brighten the inner corners, apply a touch of Silver Snow Base to the inner corners of your eyes, pulling some color along the lower lash line, meeting up with the Violet Dewdrop.

Now, line your eyes. I’m using Matte Black because I love the contrast, but you can also choose to go with a softer brown such as Rich Earth or Deep Brown.

Finish the look off with a coat of mascara and a spritz of our Laveshmint Hydrating Toner to keep you cool and fresh like a lilac all day. (Hey, lilac and lavender are both purple, right? It works!)

Makeup Monday, Inspired by Nature: Forsythia Eyes

forsythia eyes nature-inspired makeup tutorial from

Starting today, I’m going to do a series of eye looks that are inspired by the colors all around us in nature. Rich earth tones, shimmering blues, sunny yellows, glowing greens, and of course all the exploding pinks, oranges, and purples of flowers. Let’s explore how to borrow these hues from the earth and use them to highlight our own natural beauty!

Earlier this year I got to thinking about using “nature colors” to spice up my makeup routine, and my mind immediately went to forsythias. They are one of my all-time favorite flowers: not only are they a pure, bright yellow, they also are almost always the first sign of spring in the desert regions where I grew up. Their sunny petals make a stark contrast with all the soggy brown and gray around them. In my mind, seeing my first forsythia bloom is better than seeing a robin!

forsythia eyes nature-inspired makeup tutorial from

Now, yellow might seem like a strange color to wear on your eyes, and while it is unexpected, it can be incredibly flattering to all eye colors, and it looks sophisticated and intentional if done right. Since it is a bright color, I’m going to use rich browns to balance it out, which is appropriate since forsythia flowers happen to bloom on brown, leafless branches.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Products you’ll need:

First, cleanse and moisturize your face. I like to work on my eyes first before applying my face makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, etc.), because if any eyeshadow happens to sift down onto my face as I’m working, it’s a lot easier to wipe it off bare skin than to try to preserve my newly-applied foundation.

Start with Champagne Pearl on the Small All-Over Eyeshadow Brush and stamp the shadow up underneath your brows and into the inner corner of your eyes. Wipe off the brush a few times on a soft cloth to get most of the Champagne Pearl off.

For the crease, use Chestnut Brown and our Angled Crease Brush. Working from the outer corner inward, lightly apply Chestnut Brown, keeping the outer corner darker, and getting lighter as you work inward.

Now for the yellow! Again using the Small All-Over Eyeshadow Brush and a stamping motion, apply Pure Gold over your lid, from the crease down to the lash line, and from the inner corner to the outer corner (the part that actually covers your eyeball when your eyes are closed). If you’d like a soft yellow, apply Pure Gold dry. If you’d like a more dramatic, vivid yellow, you can “foil” the shadow by moistening your brush with a little water and applying the shadow damp.

Deepen your crease by using a bit of Rich Earth on your Angled Crease Brush, just in the outer corners. This will really make your yellow pop! Be sure to blend well.

forsythia eyes nature-inspired makeup tutorial from BeeyoutifulSkin.comLastly, use Deep Brown and our Eyeliner Brush to set off the shadows perfectly with a deep brown liner. You can either do a softer dry liner, or a more defined liquid liner by dampening the Eyeliner Brush and applying Deep Brown as a liquid liner. (Give winged eyeliner a try!)

There you have it, ladies: springy forsythia-themed eyes!

I would pair this eye look with your perfect foundation shade and a warm, rich blush like Cherry Bloom on cheeks and lips.

See you next week!

Makeup Monday: Eyebrows, Demystified!

#MakeupMonday: Eyebrows, Demystified! from

It seems like everyone’s talking about eyebrows lately. I recently ran across some word art that said “may your brow game be as strong as your coffee” and that one just made me laugh!

#MakeupMonday: Eyebrows, Demystified! from BeeyoutifulSkin.comIt is true that your brows are the “frames” for the “windows to your soul”, and therefore they do matter when considering your makeup and skincare regimen. In my estimation, eyebrows should be somewhere between Groucho Marx and Cleopatra: cared for, but not artificial-looking. I prefer to do clean-up of strays and some light shaping, following the natural curve, rather than creating an unnatural shape.

With that said, these are the basic steps I follow when tweezing and filling my brows:

1. Eliminate the “uni”. Brows growing over your nose is just a no-no. To find the best place for your brow to begin, place the end of a makeup brush against the side of your nose, going straight up. That’s a good place to start tweezing inward toward the bridge of your nose.

2. Determine where your arch is. Take your makeup brush (still resting at the edge of your nose) and angle it to align with either the center of your pupil OR the outer edge of your iris when you’re looking straight ahead. You’ll decide on either the pupil or iris as a guide based on the natural curve of your brow.

3. Where should your brow end? Take your makeup brush and rotate it once again to line up with the outer corner of your eye (still keeping it touching the outer edge of your nose!) and that’s the spot to aim for ending your brow. Most people’s brows tend to thin out towards the ends, so this is most likely where you’ll need the most fill color.

The thickness of your brow should be determined by the thickest point near your nose, angling slightly upward toward your arch, then tapering ever so slightly from the arch to the end point. Tweeze away any hairs that fall outside these guidelines. If you’re really not sure, treat yourself to a professional brow waxing, and then maintain that shape yourself at home with your tweezers.

You’ll want to choose a brow fill color that is as close as possible to your natural color, or a smidgen lighter. Definitely stay away from colors that are darker than your brows, as you will end up looking like you used a Sharpie, and that’s just not cute.

Once you’ve tweezed your brows and picked a color, use our Eyeliner Brush to apply the color to your brows where needed. Be sure to get the brush down through the hairs and onto your skin for the most authentic look and the longest staying power! Start with a light touch, adding intensity as needed; it’s always easier to add more color than take it away.

That’s it! Your brow game is now as strong as your coffee. If you like coffee, that is.

Makeup Monday: Simple Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

#MakeupMonday: Simple Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Remember those old advertisements for Red Bull energy drink? I always think of their tagline when doing winged eyeliner: “Red Bull gives you wings!” I don’t know about Red Bull’s abilities, but I today I’m going to explain how to get perfect wings on your eyes, every time.

To start, cleanse and moisturize your face, and then apply neutral eyeshadow. I’m using Champagne Pearl from brow bone to lash line.

#MakeupMonday: Simple Winged Eyeliner TutorialNext, get out your Angled Eyeliner Brush and moisten it a little with just a little drop of water. You don’t want much! Now tap out a bit of Matte Black eyeshadow into the lid, and mix it with the droplet of water on your brush. The idea is to create a paste more than colored water; this will give you very opaque, pigmented liner (colored water will just make a gray mess).

I like to start by lining my eye completely first, then adding on the wings afterwards. Start wherever seems natural for you: sometimes I start in the center of my lid and work out, sometimes I start right in the inner corner; I just go with what I’m feeling in the moment. Like Bob Ross: you decide. Happy trees. (Okay maybe not!)

Once you’ve got your upper lid lined, add the wings! Grab up some more liner mixture on your brush and with the long end of the angle pointed outward, set the brush down about half its length past your lash line, and pull *inward*. This is the key to even and sharp wings. Some people have mastered the outward-flick, but I find that if I flick outward, I can end up with one side longer than the other, and I sometimes run out of liner on my brush, ending up with a less-than-crisp looking wing.

If you want cute little flirty wings, stop here! If you want a bolder, more dramatic look, read on:

To create a thicker line and wing, repeat your wing action of setting your brush at the outer corner of your eye, and this time angle it a little flatter, almost making a straight line connecting to your existing line around your eye. Think of making a triangle with the outer point of your wing, the actual corner of your eyelid, and the existing line around your eye. You may need to go back and fill it in, depending on how thick you want your wing. Remember to re-load your brush with more wet liner and you’ll get a solid line every time.

This is a slightly tricky look that takes a bit of finesse, so don’t worry if you end up having to practice a few times to get it just right. I’m such a nerd that I’ve actually practiced at night on a bare face… it’s hilarious seeing my husband’s bemused look when I’m chilling in my PJ’s before bed with this dramatic winged eyeliner. All in the name of fashion, Dear!

Have you attempted wings before or are you new to this technique? Let me know in the comments here on the blog or on Facebook how your attempts turn out!

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