Makeup Monday: Eyebrows, Demystified!

#MakeupMonday: Eyebrows, Demystified! from

It seems like everyone’s talking about eyebrows lately. I recently ran across some word art that said “may your brow game be as strong as your coffee” and that one just made me laugh!

#MakeupMonday: Eyebrows, Demystified! from BeeyoutifulSkin.comIt is true that your brows are the “frames” for the “windows to your soul”, and therefore they do matter when considering your makeup and skincare regimen. In my estimation, eyebrows should be somewhere between Groucho Marx and Cleopatra: cared for, but not artificial-looking. I prefer to do clean-up of strays and some light shaping, following the natural curve, rather than creating an unnatural shape.

With that said, these are the basic steps I follow when tweezing and filling my brows:

1. Eliminate the “uni”. Brows growing over your nose is just a no-no. To find the best place for your brow to begin, place the end of a makeup brush against the side of your nose, going straight up. That’s a good place to start tweezing inward toward the bridge of your nose.

2. Determine where your arch is. Take your makeup brush (still resting at the edge of your nose) and angle it to align with either the center of your pupil OR the outer edge of your iris when you’re looking straight ahead. You’ll decide on either the pupil or iris as a guide based on the natural curve of your brow.

3. Where should your brow end? Take your makeup brush and rotate it once again to line up with the outer corner of your eye (still keeping it touching the outer edge of your nose!) and that’s the spot to aim for ending your brow. Most people’s brows tend to thin out towards the ends, so this is most likely where you’ll need the most fill color.

The thickness of your brow should be determined by the thickest point near your nose, angling slightly upward toward your arch, then tapering ever so slightly from the arch to the end point. Tweeze away any hairs that fall outside these guidelines. If you’re really not sure, treat yourself to a professional brow waxing, and then maintain that shape yourself at home with your tweezers.

You’ll want to choose a brow fill color that is as close as possible to your natural color, or a smidgen lighter. Definitely stay away from colors that are darker than your brows, as you will end up looking like you used a Sharpie, and that’s just not cute.

Once you’ve tweezed your brows and picked a color, use our Eyeliner Brush to apply the color to your brows where needed. Be sure to get the brush down through the hairs and onto your skin for the most authentic look and the longest staying power! Start with a light touch, adding intensity as needed; it’s always easier to add more color than take it away.

That’s it! Your brow game is now as strong as your coffee. If you like coffee, that is.

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