Makeup Monday: Plum Perfect Eyes

#MakeupMonday- Plum Eyes from

There’s nothing richer and more royal than deep purple eyeshadow. I love our shades of plum, violetlavender, and aubergine all complementing each other and coming together in one warm palette, and purples really do enhance all eye colors! #MakeupMonday: Plum Eyes from

You can cool your purples down by adding a touch of silver  or white shadow in the inner corner of your eyes, or directly over your pupil.

Or, try warming the look up with a rich gold in the same places. Either way, purple reigns!

You will Need:

To start, use your Small All-Over Brush to stamp Buttercup underneath your brows and into your inner corners of your eyes.

Then, using the same brush (cleaned off on a dry towel), stamp Violaceous all over your lid, from crease down to lash line.

Next, take the Angled Crease Brush and apply Plum Sky in your crease to deepen and enhance your eye shape. Lastly, line your eyes with liquid Deep Plum to set off the plum-splosion of rich purply goodness.

I like to pair this eye look with a warm-toned blush like Warm Rose or Cherry Bloom, and keep my lips fairly neutral or use just a hint of the same blush color.

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