Meet the Team: Jeff Goss

Meet the Team from

Jeff Goss from Beeyoutiful.comWe’re always so glad to get to know our customers better, and learn a little about what’s important to you! We’d like to show you a bit of our own lives, too, and help you see what goes on behind the scenes at Beeyoutiful. Today you’ll get to meet our own Jeff Goss. 

What are you in charge of at Beeyoutiful?

While I happen to get involved in a little bit of everything, my main focus lately is managing the website, our marketing emails, any photography/videography, and anything graphics related (Beeyoutiful Catalog, flyers, product labels, etc.)

What do you do every day?

On an average day here at the office, I’m usually working on emails, images, product labels, or putting out fires from something that has broken and causing an issue for customers. Pepper in some R&D for random things and you’ve got me covered.

Jeff Goss taking product photographs for

Jeff Goss taking product photographs for

What can customers count on you for?

I would say that customers can count on me mostly for keeping in working order any customer user interface. That would be making sure the website is in working order, email subscriptions and series are operational, and coupons and special offers are functioning.

What do you do to support your own health?

One major thing I’ve done recently (the last 1.5 years) is to try to reduce my sugar intake. I’ve supplemented all sodas (yes, even “good” sodas) with stevia drinks, which I make myself. My favorite is a homemade lemonade made with lemon juice and stevia. For some reason, lemon + stevia make a great combination, and actually tastes better (to me) than their sugary counterpart. That has been a major help with me in cutting back from sugar, as I was a big soda drinker.

Since I got married, we’ve also moved mostly organic with what we eat, including raising our own meat and dairy products.


Jeff Goss, the Hobby Farmer

When you’re not working on Beeyoutiful projects, what’s one way that you enjoy spending your time?

I play guitar and piano, so in some free time it is relaxing to sit back and make up some tunes. My wife and I run a hobby farm on our property, so “free” time if you will is also spent managing that, which is fun! Sometimes I jump on the tractor and cut grass just because… seriously. We also have two kids, so if you can say at all that there is free time, well the rest of it goes there. 🙂 Can I say we are blessed? Yes!

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