June 2015 Hobby Farm Update

hobby farm update from Beeyoutiful.com

So much ​green has happened since last month! We’re excited to see our seeds turn into plants. We consider ourselves amateurs, so when the plant actually looks like it should, it is time to celebrate! One of the Centerville locals laughed at us and said, “Yes, this is the fun part; just wait until you have buckets of produce to put up!” Well, we think that part sounds pretty fun too, especially with all the mouths we have to feed!

On Mother’s Day, we lost some of our meat chicks to a wild dog or coyote. It was a sad, sad day, but we did have a few survive and we have 100 more fluffy little peepers growing. We also have added adorable little bunnies to the mix of animals this month. For now they are used primarily for their awesome fertilizer-producing skills. Next month, we’re hoping to have pictures of harvest buckets and fully-grown birds!


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