Meet the Beeyoutiful Team: Steve Tallent

Meet the Team from

We love to learn more about what’s important to our Beeyoutiful and MoreThanAlive friends, and we like to bring you behind the scenes now and then too. Today we’re visiting with our CEO, Steve Tallent. 

Meet the Team from Beeyoutiful.comWhat are you in charge of at Beeyoutiful?

I’m in charge of business development, finance, and elements of information technology. I am involved in a lot of other things, as you might imagine. I’m also in charge of pretty much anything that hasn’t been specifically assigned to someone else, at least until I can palm it off on somebody else!

What do you do every day?

I don’t think I ever really have a normal day. That’s nice, because I don’t get bored. Some days there are little emergencies to work on, a lot of stuff to review and there always seems to be a lot of research and testing to do. I keep telling myself I’m going to do more writing and occasionally I get ideas I want to work on, but there just don’t usually seem to be enough hours in the day.

Steve Tallent from

Steve Tallent from

What can customers count on you for?

Beeyoutiful customers can count on me to uphold the highest standards of quality and conduct.

What do you do to support your own health?
I take a LOT of different supplements when I start feeling sick. I regularly take a few supplements, especially in smoothies. I also eat a pretty clean diet, avoiding highly processed foods, most canned foods, high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, and MSG. We rarely eat out and almost never grab fast food. We eat a lot of whole foods. I exercise from time to time as well.

When you’re not working on Beeyoutiful projects, what’s one way that you enjoy spending your time?

The kids really like following me around and trying to participate when I do things around the house. They can pretty much be counted on to do something humorous, so that makes it a good time for me! I like playing basketball when I can, but due to age and schedule, just can’t play as often as I might otherwise like.

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