May 2015 Hobby Farm Update

hobby farm update from

Things on the farm are shifting into high gear this spring. We have 75 meat chickens that are bulking up and adding real feathers. They are a little over three weeks old and just got moved into the great outdoors. We are using a model similar to Joel Salatin’s chicken tractor, so that the birds are safe but have daily access to pasture land.

We just put in over 100 tomato and pepper seedlings this weekend and have planned out the space for cucumbers, beans, squashes, melons, pumpkins, more carrots, potatoes and corn. While out surveying the garden and watering in the plants, several of us ran into our friendly Speckled King Snake that likes to guard the entrance. We are happy he is there to chase off all the venomous snakes and he may have us cured of our snake fright before this season is over!


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