Bone Broth Recipe

Bone Broth Recipe

bone broth

Bone broth is a dietary mainstay for gut health. It provides not only minerals and vitamins, but also soothing collagen to strengthen the gut wall. Try this simple* recipe so you can try some sumptuous broth.

– Cover with water a combination (neck/spine/leg/knuckle) of chicken, beef, lamb, venison, or fish bones. If you have a chicken foot, animal hoof, or deer antler, throw it in, too!

– Add a good splash of apple cider vinegar (organic, raw not required)

Let sit about an hour, so the vinegar can draw calcium from the bones. Then simmer (not boil) on stove or in crock pot for 12 to 72 hours. Lid must be tight-fitting. Strain broth, keeping meat bits for soup. Add to broth any marrow removed from tubular bones, and chill.

When using the broth, include some or all of the fat which rises to the top when cooled. Or use this hardened fat for making soap, candles, or bird food.

A cup of warmed broth doctored with a splash of sea salt, pepper, and perhaps some garlic powder can replace coffee or tea as a morning starter. Add a raw egg yolk (it cooks in the hot broth) for extra nutrition. Use the broth as a soup or stew base in place of water. Or cook rice in it.

Sources for bones: local butcher or hunter friends. Or off the plates of your family (recycling at its finest-the bones are sterilized while cooking).

*See Nourishing Traditions (page 12) for more information and recipes for bone broth.