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Prevention Basics – Winter 2012-2013 Catalog

Prevention Basics

Jill Krantz

JillKrantzBioIt’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. How true that statement is, especially in the area of family health and wellness! In 16 years of parenting, I’ve learned there are some reliable ways to prevent many common viruses and bacteria from getting my family down for days or weeks at a time.

Knowledge is the number one ally against illness. This includes knowing how viruses and bacteria are caught and spread, as well has how they manifest in different ways. It also includes knowledge of keeping our bodies as strong and healthy as possible to avoid catching every bug that works its way through school, church, workplace, or community. We have the tools in our homes, kitchens, grocery stores, and right here at Beeyoutiful to help build the body’s defenses against both acute and chronic illness. Let’s highlight the stars of prevention.


Foods free of chemicals (dyes, preservatives, additives, MSG, nitrates, etc.) will fuel your body, giving it strength rather than depleting it of energy. When a virus threatens to invade a body where all systems are functioning at peak performance, that sad little virus doesn’t stand a chance. When our bodies are not taxed by unhealthy foods, they become strong fighting machines.

One of the most nutritious foods available and one of the easiest to make at home is bone broth. You can find a recipe in the Fall/Winter 2012 Beeyoutiful catalog. Don’t throw out those wonderful poultry or beef bones. Instead, use them to brew a pot rich in minerals, vitamins, and good fat.supers_together


And when you can’t get everything you need from food, Beeyoutiful has several products and resources to help fill in the gaps. SuperDad, SuperMom, and SuperKids are excellent daily vitamin supplements. Also, look in the “Books” section of this catalog to find what may be the number one book available for a well-rounded guide to a nutritious and healthy diet:  Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.


Move your body, every day if you can. We are designed to move and stretch, build and grow. Doing a specific kind of exercise is less crucial than simply to do some exercise. From the gentlest of stretching movements to the most vigorous running or swimming, your body will benefit.

Get to know what your body can do and accomplish, set a pattern of regular movement at least 4 or 5 times a week, and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your strength and energy. Exercise releases endorphins, which in turn boost mood, improve mental clarity, stabilize rest/sleep patterns, and strengthen immune function. Our culture focuses on the results of exercise on the outside of the body, but it also does wonders for our internal systems!

Sunshine and Vitamin D                                      d3                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vitamin D “triggers and arms” the immune system. Yet there’s enough information swirling in today’s media about the importance of Vitamin D—and enough controversy about the best source of it—to confuse even a well-informed consumer! Most sources recommend 15 to 20 minutes per day of direct sunlight on the skin as the best source of Vitamin D. Those of us who live in northern climates, however, often have difficulty achieving that goal. For us, a Vitamin D supplement is a great solution.[i] Beeyoutiful offers both D3 Gel caps and D3 liquid, so you can choose which best meets the needs of your family.                                                                                                                                                    

Vitamin A

This essential nutrient is most often found in animal food sources (meat, dairy, eggs) and in bright-colored vegetables. Vitamin A aids the production of white blood cells, which fight infection, and it regenerates the mucosal barrier in the intestines, blocking infection from invading the body. Beeyoutiful carries two great sources of Vitamin A: Dynamic Duo (in combination with Vitamin D) and Cod Liver Oil.

Vitamin C

Every cell in the body needs Vitamin C. This well-known vitamin helps produce the vital white blood cells used to fight infections and viruses. Try either Gentle C or Rosehip C for a daily intake of immune power.

Gut Health

In our world of stress, poor diet, antibiotics, and other medications, the digestive system can get worn out and depleted of good bacteria that help fight off viruses and bad bacteria. Turn to Acidophilus Blast, Tummy Tune-up, Ultimate Defense, or Beeyoutiful’s newest and most potent strain of probiotics, Gut Guardian and Gut Guardian Supreme.probiotics


This was a key missing in my life for many years. I honestly feared illness! Reports of bugs would circulate around church, and stories of “super bugs” were featured on the news almost weekly. Being in prime pregnancy and child-rearing years, I often feared my family would get sick. As I matured and grew in knowledge, I realized that an occasional virus can actually strengthen the immune system. So I learned to relax.

We still adhere to a strict family practice of washing hands frequently, and we maintain our bodies as best we can, but beyond that, I fear not! Fear is stress, stress is a weakening factor, and none of us can control every germ in our community. A happy and confident mom, combined with a cheerful and loving home, can go farther than anything else we have available.

Stress Management

This may be one of the most important factors of all. We live in a world overwhelmed by stress. Busy schedules, media overload, and work and home pressures can all lead to a worn-out body and mind. Stress affects every system of the body, including circulatory, digestion, breathing, and even skin. Committing to focused times of stress management can improve your family’s health. It may be a resolve to exercise regularly, dedicate time to prayer and devotions, or make regular visits to the chiropractor and/or massage therapist.stressBeeyoutiful offers several products that provide natural relief for stress and anxiety. Calm Mist Spray, with its combination of lavender, sweet orange, and chamomile essential oils, sprayed on a bath towel, or a pillow before nap or bed time, will soothe and calm both anxious children and adults, providing for good rest. Essentials oils shown to aid in stress relief are available in handy bottles: Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Sage, and Ylang Ylang. They can be used in a diffuser or combined with a carrier oil such as Almond or Jojoba for a relaxing and healing massage.

Arming yourself with knowledge and excellent products can defend against the assault of viruses and infections in our families. Confidence in doing the very best we can for the people we love is the best “medicine” available today!

Jill Krantz lives in the suburbs near Minneapolis. She’s been married to her best friend, Eric, for 19 years, and they have six children. Other than homeschooling, gardening, and literature, Jill’s great passions are gourmet cooking and healthy living.

[i] A note about S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder): For many people, the lack of sunlight during the winter months can cause mild or moderate bouts of feeling blue. Energy and focus dwindle, making the prospect of a long winter dismal. However, an easy and effective remedy is right at your fingertips, thanks to Beeyoutiful’s essential oils. Citrus oils are especially helpful in brightening mood and helping with mental clarity and focus. Try Lemon, Lemongrass, or Orange, or a combination in one of the excellent diffusers available from Beeyoutiful. I keep mine on the kitchen counter on dark days, and not only does my house smell fresh and summery, but we all get a lift to our spirits!

Products Listed in this Article:

Nourishing Traditions




D3 Gel Caps

Liquid D3

Dynamic Duo

Cod Liver Oil Options

Rosehip C

Gentle C

Acidophilus Blast

Tummy Tuneup

Ultimate Defense

Gut Guardians

“To-Do List” for Winter Fun

This article was originally presented in slightly different form in our Winter 2012-2013 Catalog.

You know you live in Minnesota when the four seasons are: almost-winter, winter, still-winter, and road construction. (That’s how we see it here, anyway.)

And when you think that minus 10 degrees is “just a little chilly,” you’re definitely a Minnesota native. As Minnesotans or even Americans living most anywhere north of the Florida panhandle, at some point we just have to laugh at the cold and make the best of Old Man Winter’s visit.

Even so, Jack Frost can be a downright harsh visitor. The blizzard of the century hits; ice storms in the Midwest or South wreak havoc on trees and power lines, or even a few inches of snow in areas that don’t often get any can throw things (like cars) into a tailspin.

So when the inevitable frigid challenges of winter happen and we get stuck in the house because snow piles up or ice cripples our travel plans, it’s time to pull out my “Snow Day Survival Kit” to cope with the worst that winter has to throw at us.

pin winter funHere’s what you do!

  • Stay indoors. An extra car slipping around on the roads is not necessary!
  • Put on wool socks and your favorite warm sweater or hooded sweatshirt.
  • If you’re a woman: Take the day off from your makeup routine. Or better yet: Spend some of the crazy day playing with the new stash of Beeyoutiful all-natural makeup you just ordered. Do your eyes in a new color of eye shadow, or try a new technique for applying eyeliner.
  • Brew a big pot of your favorite hot drink. Coffee, tea, or cocoa.
  • Pop about 6000 IU’s of Vitamin D, because you’re definitely not getting enough of that! Here in the north, we get so little sunlight during winter that supplementing with Vitamin D is critical. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is no joke!
  • Bake some muffins. There’s something perfectly comforting about a fresh-from-the-oven muffin.  Pumpkin, banana, blueberry, or your favorite of Beeyoutiful recipes!
  • Snuggle on the couch with a blanket, your favorite person, or your favorite animal (or all of the above).
  • Pull out a craft to work on. Start that knitting project you’ve had waiting, or finish the photo album that’s been on the shelf for 4 years.
  • Find a terrific book to read. Last year in the dead of winter, I was riveted to the true story of Louis Zamperini as told in the best-selling book by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption. If he survived being a Prisoner of War held by the Japanese, I know I can survive a measly winter storm.
  • Watch a Christmas movie. Or some other movie set in winter. (White Christmas, anyone? It’s a favorite around here.)
  • Make snow ice cream, sweetened with Stevia. My toddlers LOVE making this as much as I did when I was a kid. It’s a fun activity that makes really good use of that pile of fresh snow.
  • Call friends and family who live far away and chat for an hour or two.
  • Be thankful we’re not in the White Witch-ruled Land of Narnia. At least here, with winter, Christmas does come!
  • Put a new essential oil blend in your essential oil diffuser from Beeyoutiful. Enjoy the aroma, and know it’s helping kill off the icky germs cooped up in the house with you.
  • Put on some fun music and have an impromptu dance party with your kids or animals.
  • Write a REAL letter to someone you love. You know, the kind you write with a pen on a pretty piece of paper? Yeah, the old-fashioned way!
  • Spend some time praying for people who are truly suffering.
  • Make homemade pizza for dinner.
  • Put flannel sheets on your bed.
  • Heat up a rice bag to which you’ve added some of Beeyoutiful’s delightful Lavender Essential Oil, and get cozy.

Around here, we usually get the opportunity to “rinse and repeat” this list four to six times each winter. I love the snow, and my three-year-old will be in raptures the first time God opens His storehouse of white and dumps it on our yard.

But the cold? Oh my! I could do without the sub-zero temperatures. Yet we soldier on and thank God for a warm house, wool socks, fireplaces, and hot cocoa. And, of course, there’s always the beautiful promise of spring.

Johanna’s Favorite Winter-Day Recipes

Grain-Free Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree or fresh-baked pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup organic maple syrup or honey
  • 6 oz dark chocolate chips chips
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix eggs and other wet ingredients in one bowl. Mix dry ingredients in another bowl. Melt chocolate and coconut oil together over low heat, and let the chocolate cool for 5 minutes. Add the chocolate and coconut oil to wet ingredients; then blend with a whisk. Combine the wet and dry mixtures until well blended. Scoop into muffin tins with paper liners. Bake for 25 minutes or until firm.

Vanilla Hot Chocolate (serves 8)

  • ½ cup cacao
  • Liquid Stevia to taste (substitute raw honey to taste if desired)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Small pinch of sea salt
  • 1 cup raw cream
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 3 cups milk

Dump coconut milk and cream into small pan. On medium-low heat, whisk in cocoa powder, Stevia, and vanilla. Add salt, and mix until dissolved. Add milk, and bring to desired temperature. Taste and adjust sweetness as desired. Top with a homemade marshmallow or whipped cream, and enjoy!

Johanna Puelston loves her life as a wife, mother, a sometimes caterer, and freelance writer. She lives in beautiful Minnesota with her husband and three children. Feeding her family well and making memories together are two of her many passions. The Puelstons also love to travel, hike, make new friends, drink coffee, and laugh. 


Steph’s Letter- Winter 2012-2013 Catalog

StephHello Beeyoutiful Friends,

It’s been a good while since I’ve had the privilege of sitting down to write to you. After our son Caleb was born a little more than a year ago, I took time off from Beeyoutiful and enjoyed a wonderful sabbatical. The break allowed me to relish Caleb’s baby days without the distraction and stress of work. But—I missed all the people like you who make Beeyoutiful the amazing business it is. So last month, Steve and I did a little switcheroo.

Steve now works part time from home while doing full time childcare-and-household management while I work full time at the Beeyoutiful office. One of the great things we’ve experienced in working together for so long is that we’ve learned to rely on each other’s strengths. His steady leadership, financial stewardship, desire to help people, and business savvy are the perfect balance to my creative bursts of new product and marketing inspirations and my delight in the relationships we have with you. Steve and I may well swap things up again in a few months, but for now, I’m incredibly happy to be welcoming you to another edition of our Beeyoutiful Living Catazine.

Making Ready for Makeup


A monumental undertaking that has been going on behind the scenes here for the past year or so was inspired by one of our all-time favorite product formulators. This incredible lady is the genius behind some of Beeyoutiful’s best-loved products such as Miracle, Winter Breeze, and Ow! Ease. A couple of years ago, she approached us with the idea of launching a full-disclosure, all-natural, safe line of cosmetics. In my (at the time) ignorance, I flatly turned her down. We do nutritional supplements and healing-focused skin care, I thought. Why on earth would I want to enter the ridiculously competitive world of makeup? She persisted, though, and peaked my curiosity regarding the lack of safety and helpful regulation, along with the moral implications of ingredients most makeup companies use.

Even though I was still determined that makeup would never be part of the Beeyoutiful product line, I decided to spend a few days digging into the concerns my friend had raised. I was stunned to discover how naïve I had been. I’ve been a consumer of makeup since my teens, and my faith in the acceptability of most cosmetics was turned on its ear, shaken upside down, and knocked to rubble. Disturbed and humbled, but seriously motivated, I re-directed my determination and began to evaluate whether or not launching a makeup line would be feasible.

I am enormously passionate about individuals taking responsibility and becoming informed consumers. That’s why at Beeyoutiful, we believe it is the consumer’s right to know exactly what she is buying, even if a particular ingredient comprises only half a percent of the product. And now my passion for such education has officially spilled over into the world of cosmetics. Much to my dismay, I’ve discovered that full disclosure in the makeup industry is even more foreign than in the world of nutritional supplements.snow 2

Shocking Non-Disclosure

You may be as disturbed as I was to know that most skincare and cosmetic companies not only do not support full-disclosure of product ingredients, they actually have policies against disclosure. But how do they get away with this? The bottom line reason is that there is no solid requirement that they “come clean” about what’s in the products they sell.

Cosmetics marketed in the United States, whether manufactured here or imported from other countries, must comply with the labeling requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), and the associated regulations published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While that may seem like a lot of supervision and accountability, a less comforting picture emerges upon closer examination.

Under the FPLA, if a product is sold at retail, the ingredients must appear conspicuously on the product label, and they must be listed in descending order of quantity used. But the good news ends there because an “exceptions clause” offers a wide-as-the-horizon loophole. The worst provision allows for non-disclosure of “trade secret” ingredients. If the FDA approves a company’s request for trade secret exemption, then that proprietary ingredient does not have to be declared on the label. In lieu of naming it, the company may simply note that the product contains “other ingredients”—at the end of the list, no matter what quantity is in the product.

I used to be under the mistaken impression that as long as undeclared ingredients made up less than a certain percentage of the product, it did not have to be disclosed. For example, it had to be less than 3 percent of the product. Under this trade secret exemption, however, that is not true. No longer can I comfort myself upon reading the phrase “and other ingredients” with the thought, Oh well, at least it’s only a little bit of the total product.

Furthermore, the FDA does not have authority to approve the labeling of cosmetic products before they are placed on the market. It’s up to the manufacturer and/or distributor to ensure their products are labeled appropriately. This means that, unless someone blows the whistle for mis-labeling in a big enough way to attract the FDA’s attention, many companies will go for years without their products being tested and reviewed. So the actual accountability offered by the FDA for cosmetics is loose and randomly enforced, at best.

There are no words for how disturbing it was for me to learn that some of these protected ingredients, used by almost every cosmetic company out there, are cells from placentas, the tissue from circumcisions, and, most sickening of all, cloned cells from aborted babies. These components are used in everything from makeup, creams, toners, and moisturizers to body washes and shampoos. They are prized by the industry because of their skin-healing, regenerative properties. All those things we appreciate and marvel at in a baby’s beautiful skin make these ingredients valuable to this industry. They tend to show up especially in anything advertised as “anti-aging.”

So where does that leave us? Since labels aren’t required by governing agencies to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, this is the time to pick up the phone, hop on-line and shoot off an e-mail, chat up a live support person, or whatever avenue of communication you find easiest, and ask a very simple question of the companies that provide your makeup and skincare cosmetics: “Are you a full-disclosure company?”

The answer will tell you whether or not you can trust the company’s product labels. If the answer is balking, obfuscating, excuse-making (i.e., explaining the “moral obligation” to protect their proprietary ingredients), or even a simple “no,” then you’ll likely do well to find a new cosmetics supplier. Seek out full-disclosure companies by asking before you buy. You may not like everything they disclose, but at least you can choose whether or not to put those ingredients on your skin.

Disclosing Beeyoutiful’s Disclosure

By now, you can probably guess Beeyoutiful’s practice regarding full disclosure. It is my absolute joy and pleasure to introduce makeup that is made from nothing but minerals—minerals that are tested to avoid cross contamination with heavy metals and certified to be heavy metal free. We include no fillers, not even “natural” ones. You’ll find each and every ingredient listed on each and every one of our labels, no matter how small the quantity.

Our new cosmetics are available on the main Beeyoutiful website, so you can have the convenience of shopping for them along with the supplements and other items you usually shop for there. Please check out our makeup at www.beeyoutiful.com/beeyoutifulskin. We also have a makeup-specific site at www.beeyoutifulskin.com. And if you don’t have internet access, just call and ask for a Beeyoutiful Skin catalog. We’ll be happy to mail it to you.

It’s now dark outside, and my sweet family is waiting for me. Time to pack up the laptop and head home. I’m hoping to share a cup of hot cocoa with them around a warm fire tonight and maybe read a book with some Holiday Cheer.


Thank you for being part of Beeyoutiful. We are grateful that you make it possible for us to do what we do. May you experience the blessings of love, warmth, peace, and joy this Christmas.

With love and gratitude,

Steph Tallent


Better Than Grandma Used to Make- Catalog Winter 2012-2013

Better Than Grandma Used to Make

My Journey to Healthy Eating—Even on Holidays!

Mary Ewing


I love Thanksgiving. My fondest memories revolve around spending that holiday with my mom’s parents. It embodied southern charm, and the table overflowed with a spread fit for any home and food magazine. I loved the sights and smells, the joy and laughter. The holidays have always been the highlight of my memories. Perhaps the best they have to offer is knowing you will be with people who love you.

These warm memories prompted one of my biggest fears on the journey to genuinely healthful eating. I was afraid I would have to give up the holidays as I knew them—not just the specific foods but the warm fuzzies that come with them. I feared that having a healthful holiday meant not having a happy tummy.  Would my family’s fare be sterile, maybe even un-appetizing? I worried they wouldn’t have the same cozy, satisfying memories of holiday meals that I did.

Holiday Health Crisis

On December 20th, six years ago, a sweet, precious boy was born to my husband and me. Due to lack of good planning on our part, I ended up alone in the hospital that night with our newest love. We had lost one baby and then found out we were expecting another, and throughout my pregnancy, I had struggled with conflicting emotions. I wanted to be thoroughly excited but waded through fears and anxiety over possibly losing another child. I don’t think I truly relaxed until that night in the shadowy darkness of my hospital room. I barely slept, watching that little self, snuggled next to me. I relished our night alone before the reality of now having a family of four hit home the next day.

That little man-to-be is the one who launched my journey to healthful living. (I’ve told many of you parts of my story on the phone or through email, so I apologize if my article is redundant, but this holiday season has gotten me thinking about how grateful I am for my life.) It wasn’t long before I knew he had some health issues. We discovered that his projectile vomiting after every feeding was caused by idiopathic reflux. Doctors assured me that it was perfectly normal for a child to be colicky and have bad skin breakouts, and that treatment would be “no problem.” We could try each of three medications to see which would best handle the condition. We would then continue whichever was most effective until he was old enough to walk . . . or maybe a bit older . . . or possibly his entire life. That didn’t sound like “no problem” to me, but I bought the first prescription and sat in the drugstore parking lot, bawling my eyes out.  How could I give my four-month-old baby a life sentence to medication? By the next day, I had decided to find a better way.

New to True Health

Trained as a nurse and steeped in standard medical ways, I knew virtually nothing about the world of genuinely healthful living. I began researching the reasons for colic, reflux, and eczema. Although information available on the topics has exploded in the last five years, even then I found some really cool stuff, which catapulted me toward a new lifestyle. But I had no idea how radically I needed to change my thinking about food and nutrition. At that point, I still thought I could heal my little boy while we continued to consume fast food, processed foods, and the other aberrations of the modern American diet. My entire paradigm needed to change.

We started with little steps that seemed right for the baby. I cut out dairy since that seemed to be linked to a big offender for his disorders. I fed him homemade formula that was less than lovely. It contained carrot juice and stained all his clothes orange during the transition period in which he was still spitting up a lot. We endured making formula daily for our little tyke and saw his reflux disappear. He gained about five pounds in a month and started sleeping better as well.

As the months past, we still struggled with the eczema and frequent illnesses. So we began intense probiotics. I’m beyond thankful for Tummy Tuneup and its ease of use with little ones! We sprinkled a partial capsule in his bottles and on his food until he was old enough to swallow the capsules, did yeast cleanses, eliminated all toxins we could and corn syrup specifically (major!). His once cracked and bleeding feet became supple and soft. The eczema disappeared from his scaly, itchy legs after consistent, multiple daily applications of Miracle. But the best, most rewarding part was that his moodiness and behavior problems began to melt away.


Although my son will eat a plethora of raw fruits and veggies and likes plainly prepared meals, he is picky about ferments and bone broths, which I knew were a key to his (and our) healing. But as we got the yuck out of our diet and replaced it with healthy alternatives, he was willing to try and accept foods he previously rejected (still working on the nutrient-dense sauces, though).

Progress Report

As we made changes little by little, became more convinced about the rightness of our new path, changed and grew, I looked back and realized we had made a huge lifestyle shift. Our whole family benefited from it! My husband’s persistent sinus and allergy problems became less frequent. He went from being the first to get sick to often escaping the entire round of family illness. His taste buds changed as well. Instead of sugary cereals and Coke, he happily chose yogurt for breakfast with just fruit for sweetening. My oldest daughter stopped getting sick as frequently, and recovered noticeably faster when she did get sick. My youngest two, who really benefited from our lifestyle change (both before birth because I was healthier and after because they haven’t been exposed to as many toxins and “fake” food), are fairly robust and typically bounce back from health setbacks quicker than the rest of us.

But the most dramatic change occurred in yours truly. I would never have considered myself a “sick” person or that my health was less than prime. Yet at 29, I had begun to take seriously what people said when they warned that “things change in your 30’s.” I could not believe I should be so tired all the time and feel as horrible as I did. I struggled to keep up with the children, even while taking vitamins. My head was in a fog much of the time, and I suffered from extreme migraines. In a good month, I got by with only one severe headache, but in bad times, I had as many as 20 in a month with double and triple migraines in a day. I had suffered from them as a teenager but had a reprieve after getting off aspartame. Once I had children, though, they came back with a vengeance. After six long years, it seemed only to be getting worse. I lived in constant fear of my next headache and was unable to care for my children when a migraine landed me in bed.

At first, our moderate diet changes didn’t help. Then I completely eliminated MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and food dyes. I also went gluten-free (which did not affect my headaches but did improve my overall feeling of health, and I had fewer sinus problems and less brain fog). I did not stay gluten-free because I am not intolerant of it, but now, as a family, we simply limit our exposure.

With the addition of Magnesium Citrate, CoQ10, and B-Better, my migraines have disappeared entirely. It has been just over 20 months since my last one, and I had only one in the ten months before that. I believe migraines are a complex syndrome triggered by a variety of factors, including deficient magnesium levels, poor gut health, toxins, foods that block absorption of magnesium in the body, and stress. As I have become more healthful in our lifestyle and with the addition of several key supplements, though, I have not only had no migraines, but my energy levels are high, and I function well throughout the day!

Health Routine

My healthy patterns are now fairly well set for the family: whole foods, extremely limited processed foods, grass-fed meats, raw milk from pastured cows, sprouted grains and beans, and all-organic “other.” I drink kombucha and kefir, and love to eat sauerkraut. My pantry has slowly transformed from grab-and-go or scoop-dump-mix-and-warm to ingredients that require time and attention but are the best things you ever put in your mouth. I rarely implemented more than one change in a day, and typically any significant shift was a few months in the making.

Now I cannot imagine going back to the other—even on holidays! What about warm, fuzzy, yummy family times? We limit processed foods to those produced by thoroughly trusted organic, full-disclosure companies. We use funny sounding sugars like rapadura and turbinado. I don’t even own a product like Crisco anymore. We use healthy, farm-fresh lard. Our eggs and milk come straight from a farm, as does most of our meat. And we absolutely will not allow any high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or food dyes in what we eat. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well I have acquired skills to re-create favorite dishes using healthful ingredients, and now they taste even better than the original ones my grandmother used to make! To my further surprise, the extra prep time is neither laborious or a drain. It is really quite a lot of fun and something my little girls happily participate in. The best part is that now I’m passing down healthful traditions of my own.

Our green bean casserole is not only the best, float-you-to-food-heaven-and-back recipe you’ll ever want (see sidebar), it is also good for you. Sweet potatoes still put a smile on our faces but don’t give my son eczema. Cranberry sauce still dances on our tongues but doesn’t mess with our livers. Charlotte, our favorite dessert, tastes like lying in a hammock with a cool breeze hushing you to sleep on a quiet fall day, yet is a nutrient-dense treat. (I still make my grandmother’s refrigerator rolls, but since they are only a twice-a-year occurrence, we let that slide.)

I look forward to the holidays even more these days because I don’t feel hung over from compromised foods. In 20 years, I intend to be the grandma who continues old traditions and shares stories from days gone by over delicious, fun, nutritious food my grandchildren dream of all year long!

Mary Ewing is a wife and homeschool mother of four exuberant kiddos and the fifth on the way! She began her journey into health after quitting her job as a registered nurse to stay home with her children. After realizing their health was not being helped following the typical American lifestyle, she used her research skills to begin to radically change their lives. She is passionate about research and understanding the “way we tick” and fascinated by the immense gifts God has given us in nature to heal ourselves. She is grateful for the last four years that she has worked for Beeyoutiful and the opportunities it has afforded her to allow her to learn more! When not working or taking care of kiddos, she can be found knitting, sewing or dabbling in gardening!

Green Bean Casserole

(adapted from Williams-Sonoma catalog)

8 shallots, sliced thinly


Salt and pepper

Flour/gluten-free alternative

1 lb of Baby Bella mushrooms, washed and sliced

1 chopped shallot

1 cup bone broth

1 cup heavy cream (I use raw)

2 lbs of green beans (I use whole frozen green beans)

  1. Coat thinly sliced shallots in mixture of flour/gf alternative mixed with salt and pepper to taste. Then fry in lard until crispy but not burnt. Set aside.
  2. In large skillet, sauté mushrooms and shallots in butter until golden brown.  Add approximately ¼ cup of flour or arrowroot to skillet and coat veggies. Slowly add chicken broth, mixing well between drizzles. After all broth is incorporated, add the cream slowly, stirring as it thickens.
  3. Combine beans and sauce in a 9 X 13 pan and bake at 375 for approximately 25 minutes or until bubbling on the edges. Add onions at the last minute, and serve hot!

Cranberry Sauce

¼ cup fresh orange juice

¼ cup 100% cranberry juice (the tart stuff!)

1½ pounds fresh cranberries

Pulp from two oranges

1 cup maple syrup

¼ cup pecans

Combine juice and maple syrup in the pot until it boils; then add cranberries and oranges. Cook for approximately ten minutes, stirring consistently. Once the cranberries begin to burst, lower heat, and stir until most of the cranberries have burst open. Do not overcook because it will not set well. Then stir in the pecans. Chill and serve.

Products Mentioned in This Article:

Tummy Tuneup

Magnesium Citrate