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MoreThanAlive.com and Beeyoutiful.com Join Forces

Several weeks ago we received devastating news. Our friend, Vlad Robles, the owner of MoreThanAlive.com, had passed away suddenly in a car accident. He left his beloved wife and six young children. Beeyoutiful and MoreThanAlive worked together for almost the entire history of both companies. Our goals and heart’s desires as business owners– to provide tools and information to assist individuals in living healthier and more joyful lives– ran parallel to each other.

MoreThanAlive’s primary focus was on offering bulk herbs and food items, while Beeyoutiful specialized in supplements and skin care. Many of our customers have been long-time patrons of both businesses. On a personal level, Vlad and Joy were one of the first couples to welcome us when we moved to Tennessee over seven years ago and were loyal friends to us.

Beeyoutiful.com and MoreThanAlive.com join forcesIt is bittersweet for us to announce that MoreThanAlive will now be owned and managed by Beeyoutiful. We are grieved at the tragic circumstances that brought about the necessity of the change in ownership. We are excited at the prospect of doing something with the combined companies that might not have been possible for either one separately. It is our deep desire to honor the business legacy of our friend while facilitating ongoing support to his family as we do our very best to serve both our Beeyoutiful and MoreThanAlive customers. The logistics are certainly challenging and there will be growing pains as our team works together to make these huge transitions as seamless as possible.

Our goal is to offer a broad selection of MoreThanAlive herbal resources along with the full scope of Beeyoutiful products. You can expect stellar customer service from individuals who are dedicated to helping as much as they are able with both health information and product or order related questions. We invite our Beeyoutiful customers to check out the new herbal selection online at Beeyoutiful.com, and MoreThanAlive customers to view the expanded nutritional and skincare options on MoreThanAlive.com. We welcome any questions our customers have, along with suggestions on how to improve our services to you in the coming days.

Please be patient with us as we pull together and work through the challenges in these days of big transitions! We are working very hard to merge the product lines and update inventory on both websites, and will eventually be making perks such as the Bee Points program available to MoreThanAlive customers too.

Thank you for supporting small, family-owned and run businesses. We are grateful for each and every one of you.


Steve and Stephanie Tallent
on behalf of the Beeyoutifully MoreThanAlive Team