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Makeup Mondays: A New Blog Series With Rosanna

MAKEUP MONDAY from Beeyoutiful.com

Hello, Lovelies! I’m Rosanna, and I’m joining the Beeyoutiful team to support our mineral makeup line. I’ll be writing blog posts on makeup tips and tricks, meeting up with you across BeeyoutifulSkin’s social media (find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!), and hosting great giveaways. So that means I get to play with makeup and chat with you about looking pretty! (I know, it’s a rough job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

MAKEUP MONDAY (1)I may have met some of you at the 2012 and 2013 Weston A. Price Foundation events in California and Georgia; I was honored to get to work the Beeyoutiful vendor booth as we debuted BeeyoutifulSkin. Thank you all for such a warm reception!

My interest in beauty began like it does for many little girls: I watched my mom put on her makeup and “get pretty”, and I counted the days until I could wear makeup like the big girls. My mother was very accommodating of my interests by letting me play around with her makeup, showing me how to apply a touch a blush to my cheeks, a dab of pink gloss to my lips, and eventually let me blink some mascara on my lashes.

Because of Mom’s positive attitude toward beauty, and her guidance as I experimented, I developed a healthy perspective on outer beauty and inner value. Since then, I’ve been passionate about fashion and makeup; throughout my teens I voraciously read books from the library on makeup application tips, practiced on my friends during many a late-night sleepover, and tried out all different looks on myself (90’s goth, anyone?) as I found my own personal expression of beauty.

I started working professionally in the cosmetics industry in 2007 in chilly Minneapolis, Minnesota as a makeup artist for a mineral makeup brand, and then worked at a Nordstrom cosmetics counter. After my husband and I had our first baby (a lil boy, who would proudly tell you that he’s “five-n-a-half now!”), I started branching out on my own as a freelance makeup artist, doing makeup on location for brides, wedding parties, proms, fashion shows, photoshoots, and the like. It’s an amazing experience to be there for important milestones in women’s lives, and to witness their friends and family supporting them.

I’m so excited to be representing BeeyoutifulSkin as a company that values authenticity and truth in its products. I’m most happy about the fact that we are a full-disclosure company, as that is so rare in the cosmetics industry today.

The more we learn about the effects of what we put on our skin, the more important it is that we KNOW what is in our skincare and makeup, and to use that knowledge to make informed choices. Because of BeeyoutifulSkin’s honesty and commitment to the strictest standards of purity, it’s a makeup line that you can feel good about letting your little girls experiment with as they stretch their wings and express their own inner beauty.

Stay Beeyoutiful~