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Makeup Monday: All the Brushes You’ll Ever Need (And How to Care For Them!)

BeeyoutifulSkin Makeup Brushes

So let’s talk about brushes for a sec. More specifically, let’s talk about our seven-piece brush set. This brush set is like a tiny, complete toolkit for your face; it has every basic brush you’ll ever need. Not to mention, they are soft, luxurious, vegan, and superior quality, designed to last for years with proper care. (How do you care for your brushes? I’ll cover that in the video!)

Let’s discuss each brush and how to use it!

BeeyoutifulSkin Makeup BrushesFirst up, we’ve got a fluffy foundation brush on a handle. I know that’s not a snappy, cute name (like, say “kabuki brush”) but make no mistake, this brush means serious business. It’s large enough to give beautiful, even coverage all over your face, yet compact enough for easy travel.

I love this brush as a fully-functional multi-tasker: use to do a full-face application of your foundation, or do a quick touch-up with a light dusting of foundation to eliminate mid-day shine. This brush has got you covered. Literally.

Moving on to the blush brush… This brush is the perfect size to puff your blush on the apples of your cheeks, or even to apply contour makeup. Its dense, soft bristles leave a perfect finish every time, whether you want a bold application of color, or just a soft hint.

Now let’s take a look at the eye brushes, all five of them! Yes, you actually get FIVE eye brushes in this set, in addition to the two face brushes. I know, that’s kind of amazing at the price point of this set, and you might imagine that brushes would skimp on quality. But no. These brushes are exactly the same as their full-sized counterparts, they just have a shorter handle for portability. Honestly, sometimes I even *prefer* to use the shorter brushes all the time because I like the control that the short handles give.

First, we have the larger of the flat eyeshadow brushes (it’s similar to our Large All-Over Eyeshadow Brush). Of course, you can use it for applying any shadow to your lids, but I think it’s particularly perfect for applying a neutral shadow (like Champagne Pearl) all over your lids, brow bone to lash line, in a few quick motions. I also use it to apply Champagne Pearl to my cheekbones as a face highlighter. Because of its size, it’s great for getting color all over your lids quickly.

Next, there is a shorter version of our Small All-Over Eyeshadow Brush. This brush is ideal for applying darker shadows precisely to your lids, and I also love it for getting a highlight of Champagne Pearl into the inner corners of your eyes. Also, this brush can do double-duty as a lip brush! Yes, you can actually apply mineral colors to your lips to get a richly-pigmented lip color… more on that in the video.

Then we have a little miracle-worker brush that isn’t found anywhere else on our site. I call this the Blender Brush. You’ll recognize it by its round shape and domed tip. Use this handy brush to add a deep accent color to the outer corners of your eyes, blending up into the crease. You can also use it without any shadow simply to blend the edges of your shadows, creating an expertly-blended, professional look. Blending is key to almost any eye look, and this brush really gets the job done.

The short version of our Eyeliner Brush rounds out your eye look by applying your liner either wet or dry, and doubling as a brow brush to apply your brow filler color. If you’ve never used a brush to apply eyeliner, you’re in for a treat! It’s so easy to get a smooth, perfect line with a large angled liner brush.  Admittedly, it can be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to go back to using a pencil again. I explain the eyeliner technique in great detail in the video below.

We’ve also included a mascara wand, which is handy for taming unruly eyebrows, or for smoothing out a clumpy application of mascara.

Yes, we have other (also awesome) full-size brushes that are amazing tools for specifics looks, but these seven are the ones I’ve found myself reaching for over and over again for my daily looks. It’s just a bonus that they all come in a handy case (with a pocket to hold small essentials!) that is perfect for tossing in a gym bag, a book bag, or an office attache.

Whether you want to transform your daily makeup to an evening look, or you regularly get ready for your day in the locker room after your morning workout, or you just want all your basic brushes in one handy case, this set can’t be beat.

Oh, and did I mention it’s currently on sale? Yep, it’s just $25 until the first of May. That’s close to half-off, you guys, so GRAB ONE before our limited quantity runs out!