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October 2015 Hobby Farm Update

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We are busy preparing for fall and winter on the farm. The Ewings recently moved onto the farm property and having many hands available has allowed us to make light work of some projects.

We have taken out the summer garden and are using the remnants for seed storage. We have one more run of meat chickens and then our first round of turkeys to process. Also, on schedule for October is building our first hoop house, planting garlic and other winter hardy plants, and getting a few breeding rabbits as well.

August 2015 Hobby Farm Update

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SO much has been going on at the farm! The garden has been producing nicely, the chickens are coming along and the weather is HOT!

Of course, life isn’t good without surprises. Last week when I got home from work, my wife was walking out to the field to check on the chickens. And what does she find instead? A calf! Apparently our youngest cow had been bred back in November of last year when she got out of our field and spent the week with our neighbor’s bull.

Without further ado, I give you…Baby Coco!

2015_August_farm1 2015_August_farm2

May 2015 Hobby Farm Update

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Things on the farm are shifting into high gear this spring. We have 75 meat chickens that are bulking up and adding real feathers. They are a little over three weeks old and just got moved into the great outdoors. We are using a model similar to Joel Salatin’s chicken tractor, so that the birds are safe but have daily access to pasture land.

We just put in over 100 tomato and pepper seedlings this weekend and have planned out the space for cucumbers, beans, squashes, melons, pumpkins, more carrots, potatoes and corn. While out surveying the garden and watering in the plants, several of us ran into our friendly Speckled King Snake that likes to guard the entrance. We are happy he is there to chase off all the venomous snakes and he may have us cured of our snake fright before this season is over!


November 2014 Hobby Farm Update

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We have chicken! It’s been busy since my last update. The weekend before we went on vacation last month, we all got together on Saturday to process our very first chickens. I think we were all a little anxious starting off, but quickly got into the groove of things as the day progressed. Thankfully, several friends came to help watch the kids, prepare meals and help suppress any other chaos that was going on that day. Also, a good friend of ours that had processed chickens in her childhood days came to lend us a hand and show us any tips she could remember.

Nine hours and fifty chickens later, we were done! It was tiring and there are some things that we will do better next time around, but I can’t complain one bit. I’m so thankful for good like minded friends to help and support us as we figure this stuff out for the first time.

If you have any questions about our process or want any more details about how we raised and processed our chickens, please email me at and I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can.


October 2014 Hobby Farm Update

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I’m so excited, we are one week away from processing our chicks! Actually there is some excitement and there is some anxiety as well. We’ve decided to attempt the processing ourselves so we’ve been reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos for the last week, trying to learn about every aspect of prepping these birds for the freezer.

One of the biggest helps so far is a video by Joel Salatin. While not the best camera angle on whats going on, there is a decent breakdown of the stages, time-frames and so-on that one will only learn from actual experience. Ready or not, we’re giving this a try either later this week or early next week, so wish us luck! I’ll be sure to document as we go and update everyone next time.2014_october_farmDAIRY COW:

We have three dairy cows right now. Sarah and Calfeine are Jerseys and Beasley is a Holstein. We were blessed to get milk from Sarah for the last 11 months – her milk production went down enough lately that we have dried her up until she calves again. We are planning to sire her and Beasley in the next month which should give us some late spring/early summer calves! On another note, the grass has pretty much stopped growing around here so the challenge to make it through the winter without buying extra hay has begun! I’ll keep you all updated as we should have some “Mommas-to-be” cows soon!

Skin Health and Your Liver



The liver is one of the primary organs in the body responsible for detoxification.  The liver filters and removes cholesterol, fats, hormones, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, and other toxins in the body. Due to poor diet, sickness, and stress, sometimes the liver needs healing and restoration.  When the liver is taxed with high levels of hormones such as androgens or estrogens, too much alcohol or caffeine, or inflammatory byproducts from food, the overload can result in skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. By helping the liver detoxify and heal you can simultaneously detoxify and clear problem skin from the inside out.

The good news is that you can improve the health of your liver. Foods that can help increase liver function include beets, artichokes, garlic and onion and all dark leafy green vegetables including kale, swiss chard, and spinach.  Specific herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion (both included in Silymarin Liver Support) can also help support liver detoxification. Silymarin is a unique flavonoid compound isolated from milk thistle; studies in the U.S. and abroad indicate that it can provide strong liver support in cases of liver compromise due to cirrhosis, hepatic diseases, and fatty build-up commonly associated with gall bladder and liver stones.

Beeyoutiful’s Silymarin Liver Support is a concentrated blend of herbs specifically designed to offer powerful liver healing, cleansing and rebuilding properties. Use it to support your liver and help heal your skin from the inside out at the same time!

Blemish Be Gone!

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Don’t you wish sometimes you could discipline your skin or give it a bad performance review, and have it shape up, regain elasticity and be blemish free? Me too. When I was younger, I was told it was just normal acne and that it would clear up as I got older. I took comfort in that because nothing the doc gave me or I found at the pharmacy ever seemed to do anything except make my skin crusty. Then I had crusty, peeling, blemished skin, instead of just blemished skin. Ugh.

Well, I’m almost 40, and it is the rare day that I don’t have several spots on my face, some of them significant enough that high school tormentors would have termed them “headlights” or “third eye”. Thankfully, I have found several things that really help and I’m hopeful that eventually, I might actually be able to have a day, or a week, or a month, with clear skin.

First, diet plays a big part. I love pepperoni pizza. My skin not so much. For everybody there are probably different triggers, and they can be as basic as corn, wheat or soy, which are pretty much in EVERYTHING. Keeping a food journal, and selectively eliminating foods from your diet can really help determine which things are triggers for you.

Second, gut health is a big issue. Taking probiotics can make the gut healthier, and allow it to process foods better, reducing the amount or severity of dietary triggers.

Third, daily cleansing is obviously helpful. Pores can get clogged by natural secretions and sometimes become infected. Most of my small blemishes can be eliminated by using a natural skin soap. In the past, use of some other soaps, or shaving lotions, CAUSES a bunch of skin blemishes. Beeyoutiful’s Milk and Honey Facial bar is my current choice. Some other soaps dry out my skin or make it feel crispy. This soap is really great, moisturizing, nourishing, and gentle.

Fourth, there is skin treatment. Right now I am using Beeyoutiful’s Blemish Bee Gone astringent for oily skin. At first glance it seems to be pretty expensive. But it lasts forever so it is a lot cheaper than things I have tried in the past. It has a number of ingredients in it to shrink pores, bring back skin elasticity and other good things. Like many natural products it can also be used for other things. Blemish Bee Gone can be used to soothe eczema, bug bites, and poison ivy.

Lastly, I use Beeyoutiful’s Laveshmint Moisturizer. I love how smooth it makes my skin feel. It is so light, and makes my skin feel so fresh and tingly.